Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Grab a hat, strap on your boots and get ready to dance with a cowboy. Since 1937, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has been the go-to western drinking and entertainment venue for the town of Jackson. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has seen its fair share of celebrities, presidents, and musicians through the years and continues to be the landmark watering hole of Wyoming. Stop by, saddle up and grab a drink at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

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  • Sara Turner   Jan 08, 2019

    Sounded like a fun place to have a drink! The place is decorated nicely! The staff lacked hospitality...they were a bit humdrum. Yellowstone Lemonade was good but won't go back.

  • Jacklyn Randazzo   Jan 15, 2019

    I used to love this bar! Last time I went, I was turned away because I had my service animal with me. It's against the law, but the owner doesn't seem to care and doesn't seem to believe anyone who says their animal is a service animal. I don't go here anymore because I'm not going to support an owner like that. Their drinks aren't good and it's hit or miss with the food. Service is just okay. The people they put on security at the front door suck at doing their job! The ambiance is what I went there for, but not any more!

  • Levi Schneberger   Dec 07, 2018

    Great staff, and friendly people, the million dollar bar is a must stop when visiting Jackson hole. We met Dale the man that killed the bear with his bare hands he works as a maintenance man in the bar. Ask to take a picture with dale and he will be more than happy to.

  • Jessica Dougherty   Dec 13, 2018

    Fantastic atmosphere. Great service. And amazing steaks cooked to perfection. By far the best dining experience in Jackson.

  • Mariah Higgins   Nov 08, 2018

    Honestly was extremely disappointed. Heard so many good things about this bar.. Walked in and immediately felt uncomfortable. Very judgy atmosphere. Wanted to go have a good time, stay for live music, eventually order food but we left after one drink.. wouldn’t recommend. Can always tell when a person is talking about you or judging you and that’s the feeling we got from the bartender and waitress.