Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Grab a hat, strap on your boots and get ready to dance with a cowboy. Since 1937, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has been the go-to western drinking and entertainment venue for the town of Jackson. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has seen its fair share of celebrities, presidents, and musicians through the years and continues to be the landmark watering hole of Wyoming. Stop by, saddle up and grab a drink at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.



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  • Oz Nakav   Sep 06, 2020

    Very beautiful and very good place!!Authentic place

  • photo shopped   Aug 02, 2020

    Staff are awesome. The staff at door checked my ID and was very professional and polite. There was a wait to get a table but totally understandable. I was waiting in line when the staff had to kick some rowdy people out which was entertaining. Staff that kicked out the people were true professionals and handled it well. Ensured me and my group that is was a safe place. I did feel safe after seeing how the staff watches out for the safety of their customers. I just wish they didn't close at 10pm, I asked why they close at 10pm and was informed it was a recent county health recommendation that was being followed. I'll be back and hopefully they will be open longer at night. In short, very good place, good vibe, and great staff.

  • ziv Cohen   Oct 16, 2020

    Really cool and unique place. Nice drinks but food is mediocre at best. I highly recommend coming here for the experience of sitting on a horse saddle at a bar, but just eat some where else before you come.

  • Chloe McCulloch   Sep 26, 2020

    Skip this place. I am currently waiting for my burger that I ordered at 4:49—50 minutes ago!! They make you pay and tip at the time of ordering (which is at a walk-up window), so you can’t even tip less due to poor service. My husband’s food, which was ordered at the same time, arrived 20 minutes ago. The margarita tasted more like juice than like a cocktail. My husband liked his Rockefeller.

  • LazyDRockinPRanchWagonsTeams   Sep 01, 2020

    Hadn't been to bar in 29 years , same as 29 years ago

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