Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Wyoming’s iconic honky-tonk since 1937. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is located right on the town square in the heart of downtown Jackson

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  • Joshua Luke   Jun 23, 2022

    Really cool place to see but not a great experience. I had been here years ago so insisted on stopping by with some friends. The bar itself is inlaid with silver dollars. Other western items line the walls and ceiling. The staff are all in western garb. Overall a really interesting vibe. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives stop in my mind. The beer list is short and they have no taps. No draft beer for a place like this that generates so much business is ridiculous in 2022 and proves they don’t care about the quality of their drinks. The whole drink list is also overpriced. They have a small kitchen with some food which also looked overpriced and bad. Service was terrible. Our bartender was downright rude and basically ignored us. She took my beer from behind my friends’ backs when I went to the bathroom.

  • Isabella Oxsengendler   Oct 28, 2022

    4 solid stars! The food was decent for bar food. Slightly inconvenient having to order it separately at a walk up window. Service was good. The waitress checked in on us when needed. Live music was great! I can imagine how busy this place gets during high season. In general the ambience was very nice.

  • Barbara d'Estaintot   Jul 02, 2022

    Fun bar with great atmosphere but don’t eat here!! Food is actually terrible and so expensive. Stick to the drinks. Had a blast square dancing here! Got a shirt, a bit expensive ($38 before tax) but wanted a fun souvenir. Will definitely be back!

  • maryroselol   Sep 19, 2022

    Good beer, nice feel, very western experience. The barstools are saddles which is really fun, pool is available to play for a dollar, and the over all cowboy bar is just great. The gift shop had a few nice souvenirs too!

  • Scott Burgess   May 14, 2022

    Great bartender!! decent selection of beers and of course mixed drink options. From the signs they have local daily specials. Place is festive looking and I can see it could be fun during the busy season. However the food was a big disappointment. I ordered a bison burger my wife got a regular beef hamburger both patties look like they were previously frozen. In the cost was simply ridiculous for frozen patties. I waatched and most items coming out of the kitchen did not look impressive and did not smell very good either. With so many options in the area I would definitely recommend going someplace else

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