Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Grab a hat, strap on your boots and get ready to dance with a cowboy. Since 1937, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has been the go-to western drinking and entertainment venue for the town of Jackson. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has seen its fair share of celebrities, presidents, and musicians through the years and continues to be the landmark watering hole of Wyoming. Stop by, saddle up and grab a drink at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.



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  • Nick Brooks   Feb 01, 2020

    Fun, lively spot in downtown Jackson. Tons of pool tables, live music and swing dancing to keep you entertained. Popular bar for the ski crowd!

  • Jeff Stroika   Feb 16, 2020

    What a bar... but let me tell you, be careful of thieves I had a jacket and a Kroomer cap stolen from me at his place. When you charge a cover you should have a coat check (standard issue). I had both stolen from me at this place with little support after taking to both security and the manager l, to no avail. Keep your stuff close and do t rely on security or the cover charge.

  • M Story   Mar 10, 2020

    Cool bar with horse saddle seats complete with stirrups (more comfortable that I would have imagined), moderately priced drinks and bar food, and a bunch of pool tables. Great place to have after a ski day.

  • Holland Fowler   Mar 09, 2020

    TOURIST TRAP do not go super expensive the staff is super unfriendly especially the woman with an accent who cards you when you come in and the waiters also the waitresses act like they do not know what is going on and only get drinks not food. Do not recommend this place was THE WORST!!!! Also if you are 21+ you will have the cops called on you because they will accuse you of using a fake.

  • Christina Harris   Feb 12, 2020

    My friends and I came for around 1AM on a Saturday. It was super packed but fun. It is tiny and dark but that does not stop the crowd dancing. The DJ had some good music selection that night. Employees were very accommodating and let me take some photos of the place.

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