Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is located on the town square in the heart of Jackson. Established in 1937, this Wyoming landmark is a unique Western drinking and entertainment venue. Countless celebrities, presidents, royalty, cowhands, as well as people from all walks of life, have enjoyed great fun within the walls of the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

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  • Brandonn L.   Jul 04, 2021

    Went in here for a bit last Saturday night and this seemed like a nice fun venue & the people here seemed quite chill. Nice place to dance to country music and enjoy a country live band. The only thing I didn't like was not only they close at 1 AM when it used to be 2 AM but also shortly after 12:30 they wouldn't let people in even to re enter which I felt was silly on their part since state law still allows bars to stay open till 2

  • Michelle Phillips   Jul 14, 2021

    The atmosphere is fun! Great woodwork. They have saddles for bar stools. A great area for a band and/or some good country dancing. We just went in to check it out for later, so we just had a quick drink. No beers on tap, just bottled, if that matters to you. They weren't serving food when we went in, around 2 PM, for some reason. We sat at the bar. The bar staff was really friendly. The older guy "greeting" us at the front door was having a bad day or was sick to death of his job, and wasn't very inviting. As soon we got to the door, he said with no eye contact, "We're not serving food." "That side of the bar is closed." "You can sit over there." That's the only reason they didn't get a 5 star, plus we couldn't judge the food.

  • Matt Perrone   Sep 04, 2021

    Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is one of the main bars in Jackson that gets filled up quickly every night. This is the most popular bar, usually has a cover especially when there is a band playing, and can have quite the line outside to get in past 9pm. The bartenders here are pretty quick on drinks, drinks are pretty cheap and they are heavy pours for sure.

  • Katie Manzella   Sep 20, 2021

    We stopped in after a day full of shopping to see the cool atmosphere and just have a quick drink. Well, our bartender Sykes was so friendly and amazing with his service that we ended up staying there for hours just letting loose and having fun. It was a great crowd and they had some great music playing. We will certainly be back and hope that Sykes will be on shift again since he was simply the best bartender ever!

  • LazyDRockinPRanchWagonsTeams   Sep 01, 2020

    Hadn't been to bar in 29 years , same as 29 years ago

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