Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Wyoming’s iconic honky-tonk since 1937. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is located right on the town square in the heart of downtown Jackson

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  • Mason T   Jul 27, 2023

    Unless you're going to strictly drink, do not go to this bar. Food is overpriced and not very good. Bison burger was dry and salad was not good. The food staff were also mediocre. Also, be aware they will tack on a 18% gratuity when over 50 dollars. So don't be fooled by this trick. It's cool to peak your head in but definitely don't eat here.

  • Tom Krapu   Sep 28, 2023

    Famous Jackson hotspot. People were having a lot of fun. Great place to go for at least one drink. The pool tables were pretty busy. The barstools are saddles. Was fine for me, but my girlfriend found them uncomfortable. Famous for the filming of Clint Eastwood‘s movie any which way but loose. Remember the fight scene? Didn’t have any food, so no rating.

  • Ely Fletcher   Oct 18, 2023

    Visit once. It’s an amazingly well kept bar with beautiful decorations, tables, and cowboy related paraphernalia. The atmosphere is second to none. The bartender was kind enough to get me in past another couple who was taking a while to order for a drink and the waitress did stop by after about 10 minutes of sitting at a table to tell me to let her know if I needed another drink. I asked about ordering food and was told to go to the grill window. I was by myself and went to order food and got the Buffalo Burger. Took my number back and my table had been cleared with new clients sitting at it. I took a seat nearby and never heard from the waitress again. Food took a while and was mediocre at best, especially for the price. I know Buffalo is a lean meat, but it was pretty dry and lacked significant toppings. This bar’s saving grace is that it is historic, immaculately maintained and very clean. I couldn’t imagine coming here on a packed night. Come see it, experience and then go somewhere else.

  • Joe Burgan   Sep 02, 2023

    Despite this being an iconic establishment, it seems that they have replaced customer service with arrogance. First, they have a “doorman” who is there principally to keep families out of the bar which is posted for over 21 only. They have saddles at the bar which may be cute but are incredibly uncomfortable. To order food, you have to go to a window to place your order. They charge a 20% “fee” when you place your order which the cook stated was a tip. So you are charged a tip for ordering your food from a window! When I questioned the cook about it , he said I could talk with his manager about it. Once you sit at a table, if you are not ordering from the bar, the waitresses ignore you. If you would like water, you have to get it yourself. The buffalo chicken sandwich I had was more Tabasco sauce then flavor. Overall, unless you just have to have the experience, I would skip this location.

  • Rachel Dziga   Jan 19, 2024

    Try to Huckleberry specialty drinks! Very cool, must see if in the area. Awesome bartenders and chill patrons. Pool tables and more. Lots of space for a party. Apparently there are 1mil worth of silver dollars in the bar! Oh the saddle up bar is fun for pics of course.

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