Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

4349 E Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA

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  • Alan S   Mar 14, 2022

    Just tried calling after hours line. Waited for 15 minutes which isn't bad but find it funny there is no call back option like every other place these days. Then when I get help I ask to make a payment where I'm told it's a ten dollar fee or free online. I asked for help doing that and was instructed to go to the website and answer "the questions." I then ask for an email with my bank info, normally just go in so I don't recall any of that. She then tells me, " no I can't give you any that info needs to come from the branch." I then ask so the only option is to pay your fee or wait. Yep is the response I get. So I say thanks and hang up. Ten dollars isn't alot but the fact they are already making money then try to scam you for an extra ten when you make phone payments seems a little far fetched. Would reccomend another small town FCU, there are plenty to choose from. On a positive note the local branch is very friendly in person.

  • Carol Dingman   Feb 19, 2022

    Not happy at all with the service on Saturdays. Never enough tellers and then you have way too many people trying to do business through the drive thru when they need to go inside instead of holding up every one else. I waited close to 18 minutes for the lady in front of me to pass paperwork back and forth. PLEASE, do something about this.

  • Anthony Benavidez   May 07, 2022

    Never pick up their phone calls when you try to makes payments. Recommend going to a different branch for a loan we have had nothing but confusion and lack of communication if this review could be less then a star it would be.

  • Steve Hrkach   May 14, 2022

    I've had nothing but great experiences at the east branch. Tellers are super friendly and I've never had to wait more than a few minutes. I banked with USAA for 15+ years. I made more in interest in the first few months at Meridian Trust than I did the whole time with USAA. I'm extremely satisfied with Meridian Trust. I should have made the switch years ago.

  • Jacob Carbaugh   Jun 20, 2022

    They would take off national hot dog day if they could. Seriously, go look at the laundry list of days each year that each branch is closed. Columbus Day? George Washington's Birthday? I bet they haven't even met him.

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