Mangy Moose Restaurant and Saloon

Mangy Moose Restaurant and Saloon Teton Village Wyoming 83025-0590

Since 1967, the Mangy Moose Saloon prevails as hands down the best place for gettin’ loose après ski. Located lookers left of the tram at the base of the mountain, the Moose draws thirsty patrons ready to revel in the sounds from whichever jam band has taken the stage. Turn on walk mode and be ready to get weird.

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  • Springs Concrete, LLC   Jun 27, 2020

    First time visitors to Teton Village. We are a family of seven, two adults and five kids. After some online research we decided to go to the Mangey Moose because it looks really cool and people say good things about the food and service. The best part was it was only a five min walk from our condo. I take a little blame for the two star review because we got there at 8:50 pm and they stop seating at 9:00. Typically 8:50 on a Friday night places like this are booming with life but this place was a ghost town. No band, only a few tables of couples sitting quietly and looking at us like we had the plague and the staff seemed hesitant to seat us. I suspect COVID is to blame for most of this. We asked to sit outside and they said they can’t accommodate 7 outside (the place was empty) and it would be better if we sit inside so the kitchen could get our food to us before they close. We agreed without a smile but understood the time. The sat us next to the front door at the first table as you walk in by the hostess stand. (The Mangey Moose is a visual experience. The ceilings and walls are packed with fun things to look at. We were sat in a place where you could only see about 5% of the cool things. We had to get up and walk around to see the rest. Making some of the other tables uncomfortable) If the place was packed I’d understand but it wasn’t. We were starting to feel like we weren’t appreciated. The staff just wanted to go home. The server came over quickly and was friendly. She took our order accurately. The food came out quickly. I shared a bison burger with my spouse and the kids had grilled cheese. One burger and five grilled cheese. All of us had water. Food was ok. It’s what I would expect from anywhere at the end of the night. The saddest part was the kids and I ordered a Mud pie dessert and an employee confirmed they had some left in the kitchen. I asked the server to add it and bring it out. We waited about ten mins and the server came by to remind me she wanted my CC to close the ticket. She forgot the mud pie and said sorry they were closed. The kids were really sad. It added to the watered down experience that I will remember as the Mangey Moose. With tip the total was $100.00. I’m sure this place can do better and timing had a big part to play in the experience. Every family or customer that walks through that door might have come from far away and deserves the quality experience they pay for. For us it was just a “ hurry up, we want to go home” experience. I hope the next family get some of the magic.

  • Nancy Koutsianelos   Jun 24, 2020

    Food is outstanding, service is outstanding. My husband and I went two nights in a row. And I am not that easy to please. Our server Liam was the best.

  • dana holton   Jun 28, 2020

    Rusty was an awesome server!! The food was amazing!! I highly recommend the spicy Margherita, crab cakes, and bison burger!! The outside dining and music was epic!!

  • Robert McDonough   Jun 22, 2020

    A steak house with no steak, just prime rib. Why bother opening if you dont have the product. Drove 45 minutes, for no steak, steakhouse. All 5 orders of prime rib cooked incorrectly. No drink refills 15 to 20 minute wait for sodas and lemonade 45 minutes for mediocre prime rib, that was sent back. Came out correctly, still mediocre food and service. The owner came the table and seemed genuinely concerned and did his best to fix the evening's fathers day nightmare.

  • Brian Diaz   Jun 20, 2020

    Dave (the owner) made sure we had a awesome time. I always love stopping here whenever I'm in town. I was told live shows were starting up again next week. Thank you, Dave, for caring for your customers as much as you care for the Mangy Moose. STAY AWESOME.

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