125 North Cache Gaslight Alley, Jackson, WY 83001

MADE is a locally-owned shop located in Gaslight Alley in downtown Jackson. They sell a vast curated collection of handmade gifts, artisan jewelry, handmade cards, clothing, Wyoming-inspired accessories, and much more. MADE features unique art from over 450 artists locally and beyond. Shop founder and owner John Frechette opened the store in 2010. He says he has “worked hard to curate a collection that you won’t see everywhere.” We think that is an understatement – we find something unexpected and delightful every time we walk in.

Make sure to visit MADE’s sister store Mountain Dandy, just across the boardwalk in Gaslight Alley, for more unique and stylish gifts.

Best of Categories
  • John Higgins   Dec 28, 2018

    Bought 6 Pig Candy for gifts. Ad shows big beautiful pieces of bacon. My packages were crumbs! Sent email to ask why ... no reply! Paid express shipping to get bad quality!

  • Aaron Pursell   Dec 06, 2018

    Horrible customer service. Ordered an item and paid for upgraded shipping and they sent default shipping. While a mere four dollar or so difference, I contacted them via email and received absolutely no response. This will be one the and only time I order from them, customers be weary, if you have issues you're stuck with them. I expected better service and was disappointed, hopefully the right item actually shows up.

  • Stephanie Martinez   Dec 27, 2018

    A great localstore, the only place I buy my cards now!

  • Brenda Sampson   Jul 27, 2018

    My daughter found a necklace she loved and I brought it to the cashier to purchase it. The woman, who I believe was actually a manager, said the price was marked incorrectly and said instead of $45, it's actually $85 . Her excuse was there were a lot of new employees and someone must have priced it incorrectly. She would not honor the price that was marked, which any good business with integrity does.

  • Terrance Goguen   Oct 14, 2018

    You think you have seen cute...then you walk into this place. Between this and Mountain Dandy, I am not sure I need another place to buy gifts for the entire family.