125 North Cache Gaslight Alley, Jackson, WY 83001

MADE is a locally-owned shop located in Gaslight Alley in downtown Jackson. They sell a vast curated collection of handmade gifts, artisan jewelry, handmade cards, clothing, Wyoming-inspired accessories, and much more. MADE features unique art from over 450 artists locally and beyond. Shop founder and owner John Frechette opened the store in 2010. He says he has “worked hard to curate a collection that you won’t see everywhere.” We think that is an understatement – we find something unexpected and delightful every time we walk in.

Make sure to visit MADE’s sister store Mountain Dandy, just across the boardwalk in Gaslight Alley, for more unique and stylish gifts.

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  • Sheena Harper   May 21, 2019

    Awesome gift shop with handmade local goods!

  • Grace B   Aug 14, 2022

    I literally just walked in and not even 5 minutes later the employees were gossiping to each other making fun of me right in front of my face. They called me ugly in Spanish (fea) and said that I looked like Chucky because I have a more goth/alternative style. I was literally just smelling a candle and minding my business. I would get it if I was being rude but I literally just walked in there. Edit post owner response: Not that I'm still sour about it, but I find that very hard to believe considering the fact that they were looking directly at me the entire time, I was the only person in the store, and I literally heard what they said, but idk peace and love. I'm never going in there again, but I'm sure other, more normal-looking people will have a nice time. It's still an interesting store and I'm not trying to come for anyone's job, I just did not appreciate that experience.

  • Nathan Coleman   Mar 02, 2022

    I love the products at MADE and the variety they have!! Would 100% recommend visiting if you’re in Jackson Hole. If you order online, they ask for a tip after you pay, which doesn’t make any sense. Not sure if they’re paying their employees enough or why they’re asking for more than you’re already paying, but it was strange for sure.

  • Austin Wolf   May 13, 2019

    One of, if not, the BEST gift & souvenir shops in Jackson. Great selection of unique, locally made items.

  • Samuel Liddicott   Jun 19, 2021

    A happy and diverse store with a variety of goods - it's well worth a visit. Goods range from postcards and paper products, to handmade books, small home items such as walnut chopping boards, leather goods, clothing and toys. Prices are very reasonable and range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for the largest items.

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