125 North Cache Gaslight Alley, Jackson, WY 83001

MADE is a locally-owned shop located in Gaslight Alley in downtown Jackson. They sell a vast curated collection of handmade gifts, artisan jewelry, handmade cards, clothing, Wyoming-inspired accessories, and much more. MADE features unique art from over 450 artists locally and beyond. Shop founder and owner John Frechette opened the store in 2010. He says he has “worked hard to curate a collection that you won’t see everywhere.” We think that is an understatement – we find something unexpected and delightful every time we walk in.

Make sure to visit MADE’s sister store Mountain Dandy, just across the boardwalk in Gaslight Alley, for more unique and stylish gifts.

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  • James R.C. Smith   Mar 01, 2021

    Such an amazing store with beautiful products. Can’t wait to go back.

  • Laurie Detwiler   May 13, 2021

    Stock up here on the high quality cards & stationary & gifts. So much good stuff!

  • Seasoned Hikers   May 29, 2021

    Wanted to check out some stationary; however, when I opened the door I was abruptly approached with the door stuffed in my face greeted with “we’re closed.” I did not realize the store hours but the door was still unlocked. I felt unwelcome. I understand after the fact I was a minute passed closed but not something I expected in this nice small town.

  • Samuel Liddicott   Jun 19, 2021

    A happy and diverse store with a variety of goods - it's well worth a visit. Goods range from postcards and paper products, to handmade books, small home items such as walnut chopping boards, leather goods, clothing and toys. Prices are very reasonable and range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for the largest items.

  • Rocky Hatridge   Jul 08, 2021

    Really enjoyed walking through and asking the staff about different pieces, as they know SO much about where everything comes from and how it's made! Everyone was super friendly and the store has a lot of very neat things to purchase. I recommend taking some time to ask them about the jewelry as many of the pieces are extremely beautiful and well crafted! Can't wait to come again!

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