125 North Cache Gaslight Alley, Jackson, WY 83001

MADE is a locally-owned shop located in Gaslight Alley in downtown Jackson. They sell a vast curated collection of handmade gifts, artisan jewelry, handmade cards, clothing, Wyoming-inspired accessories, and much more. MADE features unique art from over 450 artists locally and beyond. Shop founder and owner John Frechette opened the store in 2010. He says he has “worked hard to curate a collection that you won’t see everywhere.” We think that is an understatement – we find something unexpected and delightful every time we walk in.

Make sure to visit MADE’s sister store Mountain Dandy, just across the boardwalk in Gaslight Alley, for more unique and stylish gifts.

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  • K C   Aug 24, 2023

    American made!!! Enough said. 😉

  • Austin Wolf   May 13, 2019

    One of, if not, the BEST gift & souvenir shops in Jackson. Great selection of unique, locally made items.

  • Simone Juanita   Jun 28, 2023

    All sugary items arrived to me in Fort Laud, FL, within a week of ordering, in perfect condition, despite no ice/cool pack inside the box. My chocolate did not melt, not even a little bit. Everything tastes oh so good, especially the addictive dark chocolate covered malt balls. If for better containers to contain the chocolate items, this would be a 5-star rating. The paper tabs tear upon opening and resealing the chocolate and lemon drops. I had to use duct tape to reseal my items, but if you finish your sweets in one sitting, you'll be happy.

  • Samuel Liddicott   Jun 19, 2021

    A happy and diverse store with a variety of goods - it's well worth a visit. Goods range from postcards and paper products, to handmade books, small home items such as walnut chopping boards, leather goods, clothing and toys. Prices are very reasonable and range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for the largest items.

  • Roxanne Cornebise   Dec 01, 2023

    I thought I would take a chance on placing an online order from “Made” for an advent calendar. I paid for expedited delivery but unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you what delivery company they use or how fast it is. It just says cutesy phrases like “found something good” meaning you want it fast. I want to know how it’s being sent and the estimated time frame but like I said I thought I would take a chance because they have cool things. Boy was that a mistake. They use the United States Post Office which is so unreliable and takes forever even if you purchase expedited delivery. Had I know. They USPS, I never would have ordered from them knowing I wouldn’t be able to count on it being delivered timely. So when the tracking number they gave me kept saying label has been printed just awaiting item to aaruve at shipping facility. Well it said that for three days then just disappeared on my end. I called made and they weren’t any help or even seemed to care. They said they could give me the shipping department’s email address and I could email them. Well that’s not helpful because you have to wait until they read it and respond to it and that takes several days. So I’m stuck! Made is no help with this at all. I will never order from them again. Maybe they are fine if you shop at their store in Jackson Hole, but I don’t suggest online ordering with them. They use USPS and don’t care about it once it leaves their hands. It’s themn up to the customer to figure things out and find out if their package is actually moving through the system or lost. USPS is not a reliable way to ship items, tracking is poor and you cannot count on it being delivered.

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