Lucky You

10 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Skip Don   Oct 07, 2019

    Lots of overpriced items!! I did make a purchase but the cashier didn’t say thank you, have a good one or anything. Just handed me my change and stood there. I don’t think people who work in these shops understand they have a job because we purchase items!!!

  • Robin Werling   Jul 13, 2017

    Good selection of tshirts, sweatshirts and other wearable gifts.

  • Brendan Sullivan   Jan 09, 2019

    Purchased a few things from Lucky You as gifts for family for Christmas all were a hit, fair priced, and unique. Also purchased a bison mount and they safely shipped across the USA within the time they promised. Good service, nice shop. Thanks!

  • Taylor Lamb   Jun 13, 2017

    This store is attached somewhat to Lees Tees! What I thought was the same store is not at all and Lucky you gifts is its own unique stop! Lots of cute touristy items and gifts. Chocolate and huckleberry items being that those are an Idaho, Montana and Wyoming sort of thing. Cute signs and home decor as well as jewelry that may or may not be locally made. Also they have super cute socks, magnets, cards, pillows, SOAPS, perfumes, CANDLES, and more! Wonderful store to stop in if only to browse and get a feel for the city and it's eclectic vibe, the store and the things they sell give you a little insight into the towns culture and what it's known for.

  • Svetlana Vintman   Jul 23, 2021

    While traveling in Jackson Hole, I had a very unpleasant experience in this store. I was buying souvenirs, not that few, $35 dollars total. The salesgirl refused to give me a paper bag because, as she said, "You already have a bag." All the other customers, as I watched waiting in line, had their bags. I don't know, if it is age or race discrimination, but it is disgusting anyway. When I called to complain to the manager, the telephone on the check did not work. You guys live on tourists, so you must hold your prejudice while serving us.

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