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55 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Remi Vom Kreifels   Oct 19, 2020

    If we could give no stars we would. We ordered carry out due to covid restrictions and limited availability in the restaurant. We ordered 3 simple items: a bacon wedge salad, arugula chicken salad and mac & cheese bites. The bacon wedge salad was a joke with the bacon. Rather than bacon bits, it was a very thick and over cooked slice of bacon. The bacon was like leather. This salad cost $14. The arugula salad was literally lettuce and two small pieces of chicken. This salad cost $17. The mac & cheese bites were okay-6 small bites for $10?? For this plus tip we could of have made a better meal out of the cooler in our hotel room. We had issues with ordering on their online app, so we called our order in-provided our CC information for payment. When we picked up our food there was no receipt in the bag. Would not recommend this place.

  • DL Davis   Oct 26, 2020

    The food was very good. However, one order (there were 7 of us) somehow didn't make it to the chef, leaving a friend eating after we were about finished. The server was a little slow moving, but not enough to ruin the evening. Not a bad place and I recommend you give it a try!

  • kyle jones   Oct 16, 2020

    First let me start off by saying the food was amazing. The Steak was great, and the Mac & cheese was out of this world. It was the service that was absolutely terrible. We sat at the bar (possibly why the food service wasn’t great?) and were ignored throughout our dining experience. I had to contact the server every time we wanted something and one of the waiters was extremely rude. I watched them stand behind the bar and talk amongst themselves while waiting to order food and drinks for more than 15 minutes. I confronted the wait staff about the service and it got better before we left, but still not acceptable given the caliber of restaurant. I would choose a place that wasn’t so expensive if I were going to eat in Jackson again. There are plenty of places in Jackson with great food and amazing service.

  • Ted McCain   Sep 02, 2020

    We were able to get a reservation on short notice and we TRULY appreciate the staff for helping with that. The service was good from check-in through paying the check. The problem, unfortunately was that the food was "just okay". One of my favorite cuts of meat is an elk chop and I was thrilled to find it on the menu here. However, the preparation was lacking. While the flavor was reasonable, it was so tough as to barely be able to cut it with a steak knife. Cooked medium rare, this should never happen! My wife had the pappardelle pasta and it was decent but not great. I think the final straw was that they charge for bread! When you charge these kinds of prices, please at least make the bread complimentary.

  • Rappel Arizona   Nov 05, 2020

    I have been coming here for about five seasons now and I am always happy with the food and service. The location is cool because it is downtown and close to shops and across from the town square. The food is good, love the bison burger, pretty much get that every time. Worth a visit 🤠

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