Local Restaurant and Bar

55 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • David Haas   Jun 28, 2021

    We looked all over town to find a good fish option... The Local was an excellent find! Server was very attentive, menu had several unique options, the trout and charcuterie board were outstanding. A must visit restaurant in Jackson Hole.

  • District 7 - Drew Geraci   Dec 16, 2021

    The food is solid if they get it right. Waited for about 5 minutes to be seated which isn't terrible by any means but after ordering our food it took nearly 50 minutes to get any of our entrées and one of the meals wasn't cooked properly. The staff is nice but the wait time (for food) and the lack of attention to detail to the meals makes this a less than appetizing place to frequent. The prices are ridiculous for the portion sizes and even after spending over $200 for our meals we were all still hungry. Do yourself a favor and avoid this overpriced spot - it's not worth the time or money. I should note that the waitress was fantastic and she cared about our poor experience and did offer us a discount on our meals.

  • Paul Swett   Oct 27, 2021

    I have been avoiding writing a review for Local because its complicated. I visited with my wife and after about a 15 minute wait we were given a booth in the bar area, which is just fine. Below is a quick summary of what we had and how it was. -French onion soup was fantastic. Very flavorful without being overpowered by onion -Wedge Salad was also very delicious. It was served with smoked pork belly in place of bacon which was different but good. -Blacked Trout with lobster cream sauce. This is where it starts to go bad. The fish was prepared perfectly with crispy skin on top of a bed of potatoes and topped with lobster cream sauce. It was all very tasty but as soon as you put a sauce on top of crispy fish skin it immediately goes soggy and gross. The sauce should be served under the fish with the crispy skin up to keep the skin crisp. -Buffalo wellington. The loin was completely wrapped in pastry dough, which is fine, and the dough was filled with fresh spinach. The problem with this is that it was served well done. Buffalo and / or Wellington should never ever be served well done! The total meal was +130 and I expect that when I pay that much for a meal the easy technical things are done right.

  • Stephanie Cady   Jun 03, 2021

    Great service and nice, clean atmosphere. Very broad drink menu. Food menu is varied and a bit pricy. We had the Buffalo burger and fried Mac n cheese app. Both very tasty. Worth the money, if you are ready to spend.

  • Heather Modroo   Jan 20, 2022

    Was so excited to eat here tonight, we got in, not like last summer. Wishing we hadn't, very disappointed!!! So many waaay better places to eat in Jackson. Nice atmosphere, the wine was excellent, but thank goodness I had a child's meal to nibble. My order was not correct, twice, not good, and for the price, ridiculous. They did discount my meal a bit, nice, but I would have just rather eaten at the same time as my family and been satisfied, which is the norm for me at least. Maybe just an off night, but not planning on going back. Very overrated. Don't bother!!!

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