Local Pages, The

4910 W Amelia Earhart Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA

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  • Olivia Keyte   Sep 01, 2022

    It’s a great company for you to get in and get your hourly and commission if you work hard. The only thing that I would change is there isn’t really rewards for personal accomplishments or beating any company records other than a “good job” and it is really un motivating. There has been talks of personal pips but nothing that has actually happened .

  • Jennifer Saunders   Jan 20, 2021

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! I have never dealt with a more dishonest and shady company as I have with The Local Pages. To make a long story short, we had a 12 month contract with this business, which we did receive the advertisement as agreed (however it was 5 months late). We paid for that advertisement in full per the contract we have, plus an additional months payment because they still took out a payment even after we said we don't want to continue past the contract timeframe. We had to go and change our card information just to get them to stop payments because they don't listen! The business continues to tell us we have a 3 year contract with them and continue to send us invoices and late fees even though the contract clearly states 12 months. We even showed our contract to an attorney who said the business has no grounds to stand on and yet we are still getting billed. When we try to call them they somehow NEVER have a supervisor that's available to chat and if we continue to ask for someone else you get placed on hold and then you get sent to voicemail. This company is SHADY and I would say RUN FAST, if they ever come knocking at your door to do advertisements with them.

  • Luke Anthony   Jan 17, 2024

    Sold us advertising in 2022 for 2023 year, NEVER PRINTED OR PRODUCED A BOOK FOR 2023. Now they are trying to bill us in 2024????!!!!!! Completely unprofessional and refused to credit or cancel our services as its "now in print" over a year later than promised. Reporting on BBB and to our local attorney general.

  • Mandy Brown   Nov 18, 2023

    The worst - they lie to extend your contract, dont tell you that you are paying for services 18 months to 2 years before you will recieve them. Use tactics to create confusion so you think you are getting services then exploite you with large bills & demand you pay them. They refuse to work the BBB & the reps are the worst scam artists. Anyone working for this company should be ashamed

  • David White DDS   Nov 02, 2023

    ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY!!!!!!! If they had -2 stars....that what I would give them. The company is clearly failing.....because no one uses the yellowpages anymore. They used the most ridiculous/pressure tactics to force my new front gal to sign a new contract. They name on the contract was a person who left our company in 2017. I tried to reach out to their customer service team with no success. Then they sent me to collections for not paying.......but again......we were never interested.....nor was the contract valid. Evaluating the reviews its clear how this company operates and why we are seeking legal action. Absolutely pathetic!

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