Local Pages, The

4910 W Amelia Earhart Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA

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  • Stephanie Yavonne R. WintersRaven   Jul 03, 2019

    Filed complaints with: FBI, HUMAN RIGHTS, GOVERNORS OFFICE, POLICE, LABOR BOARD. BEWARE!!! PREDATOR BUSINESS Letters to Human Rights of Utah and Police Report Filed They post advertisements on cities with their regional sales and then lure individuals with what was posted while greeting them with the opposite, but demanding they sign on anyway. Refusing to change the words of the contract to match the listing, when called on it REFUSE TO PAY FOR THE TIME SPENT. After attending this training for a week, I asked many questions but they refused to answer any with actual responses, just avoidance and requesting me to sign on with them REGARDLESS OF THE LIES AND CONTRACT STATING OPPOSITES to employment listing. People are being forced into working for them like slaves for 6 weeks, per signed contract by using pressure and them being AWAY from home, when the actual contract is offered. The two other individuals that I attended class with were equally upset and unsure and have asked me to help them as well. I am writing here and have given a non-emergency police report. Please stop this unethical business from preying upon people. My sons and I are now back at square one, although I should have had gainful employment. Risking homelessness by having taken their training, being lied to and NEVER PAID.

  • Jennifer Saunders   Jan 20, 2021

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! I have never dealt with a more dishonest and shady company as I have with The Local Pages. To make a long story short, we had a 12 month contract with this business, which we did receive the advertisement as agreed (however it was 5 months late). We paid for that advertisement in full per the contract we have, plus an additional months payment because they still took out a payment even after we said we don't want to continue past the contract timeframe. We had to go and change our card information just to get them to stop payments because they don't listen! The business continues to tell us we have a 3 year contract with them and continue to send us invoices and late fees even though the contract clearly states 12 months. We even showed our contract to an attorney who said the business has no grounds to stand on and yet we are still getting billed. When we try to call them they somehow NEVER have a supervisor that's available to chat and if we continue to ask for someone else you get placed on hold and then you get sent to voicemail. This company is SHADY and I would say RUN FAST, if they ever come knocking at your door to do advertisements with them.

  • L Spady   Aug 15, 2021

    Horrible experience with this company so far. Discovered our business was being charged $389 for advertising that doesnt exist. I call to speak with someone and let them know we no longer want to do business with them, and im told we are on a 7 year contact and must keep paying them. I request a copy of this contract.....and what do i get in the mail????.....a new invoice for $389 plus a $38 late fee. I have called and left messages, with no response. I am very upset over not being able to end "service" with this company. And when requested, i still have not seen any contact, just another bill with a added late fee. Warning people, search for your listing and advertising through this company. You might be surprised to see what exactly it is your paying for.

  • J   Mar 15, 2022

    I had three in the mail box for my office. All addressed to no one at this address. Really need to get your information and contacts updated.

  • Luanne Ashcraft   Jul 06, 2022

    Horrble experience. Was auppose to qork here, but the hotel they put me up in was revolting! Thwir office bldg is covered in grafitti. Look at at their BBB Rating.

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