Liberty Burger

160 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Matthew Holli   May 01, 2021

    The service here is pretty great! They get the food out of the kitchen very fast and are courteous. I ordered the Nooner burger. The burger was very light and refreshing. The buns they use are very light, but hold all the moisture from the burger and sauce well. The only real downside is it is a little expensive, but Jackson is a tourist town, so its to be expected.

  • Mark Ashurst   Jun 04, 2021

    Great food. Mediocre waitress. The buffalo burgers were quite good with some interesting unique burgers that our group enjoyed. Our waitress never brought us napkins even after two requests. She took a drink to refill and never brought it back and just generally didn't seem to be able to handle simple requests without drama.

  • Brian Fatka   Jun 18, 2021

    Ad would expect from a gourmet burger joint. The burgers were good. The gluten free bun was normal for gluten free buns. They do have a dedicated fryer for fries, though - both skinny potatoes fries and sweet potato fries 😊 If you like gourmet burger joints, this place will suit you just fine.

  • Bahul Jain   May 31, 2021

    Being a vegetarian it's always difficult to find good (or even one) burgers in most places. But I was pretty surprised by the amount of choices they had for vegetarian burgers. I tried the Woodstock burger with skinny fries and I was very happy with the freshness and quality of the dish and its ingredients. The patty didn't have any taste at all and the burger by itself tasted pretty bland. But once you add their Chipotle ketchup and their signature liberty hot sauce it completes transforms the dish from zero to hero. I highly recommend people abuse those sauces on their burgers to add flavor and honestly make it edible. The skinny fries were very crisp and well made. I also tried their iconic huckleberry milkshake, but to me it basically tasted like melted vanilla ice-cream with a very mild berry flavor added to it. Service was pretty good and they generously replaced the milkshake with a slightly better (although still not that great) version of it.

  • Michael Hernandez   May 07, 2021

    The burgers here are hearty and delicious. I personally had their house-made veggie burger and almost couldn’t finish it. The house made patty was made of a delicious medley of roasted veggies and grains then pan fried to a perfect crisp. The buns are baked fresh daily from a local bakery and the fries are slim and crunchy. Arrive expecting to meet all of your appetite’s needs. If you haven’t had a huckleberry shake yet during your visit, they make a great one here at the restaurant. Not too sweet and not too tart. A perfect spot after a long hike at the Tetons.

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