Liberty Burger

160 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Zifan Zhang   Oct 01, 2023

    Ordered "the nooner" burger with fried egg, sweet potato fries, onion rings and local draft IPA. Buns are soft and fresh Patty is fresh and juicy, there is no fridge odor. The best thing is all plates are hot so the food won't get cold. The onion rings taste good too, but the batter is a little too salty for me. This is a very good restaurant, you should try this if you are at Jackson.

  • Wade Bricknell   Sep 04, 2023

    Sept 2, 2023: I'll say this, either we were starving and so hungry that the food tasted amazing, or it really was good. Still to be determined. The restaurant has a ground level and an upstairs area. Friendly staff. Not badly priced, we spent just over $20 per adult, which included the tip, but we only drank water. Would I go back, probably yes if I wanted another delicious burger. A photo of the menu is attached from our visit there.

  • Mark Schubert (Chief)   Apr 04, 2024

    So everything was great. 4 Star atmosphere bc it's small, but if folks knew how good it was, they'd need a bigger place in a hurry. Best onion rings ever!

  • Jen Hales   Jan 05, 2024

    This is the perfect place to go if you want a burger and shake. They do tend to be busy, so it can take a few minutes to get a seat, but it is well worth it. They use quality ingredients and have a great menu of options for your burger. The onion rings and shakes are amazing as well.

  • Yesenia   Apr 02, 2024

    The burgers weren’t the greatest thing but it wasn’t too bad of a burger. On the other the hand the sandwich “The Traitor” was amazing and I highly recommend getting if you’re going to try this place! The customer service this day was also not the greatest but that was just our experience

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