Lava Mountain Lodge

3577 US-26, Dubois, WY 82513, USA

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  • Ben “Benjo” Swartling   Aug 22, 2023

    Fantastic place to stay. It's older compared to some of the other lodges, and it shows. However, the service here is... You can tell the people who work here had a passion for it here and wanted to see it flourish, which is something a lot of places can not claim. There is so much more here than just a place to stay. This is an amazing spot to meet people and hear their stories. The people who come from all over the world will love to tell you about their travels. And the experiences they have had. Sit down, be patient, and someone will be with you.

  • Bianca Pourmussa   Aug 25, 2023

    I recently had the unfortunate experience of staying at this hotel, and I must say it was quite disappointing. The room I was assigned to had twin beds with mattresses that felt like they were made of thin plastic - not exactly a recipe for a comfortable night's sleep. But that wasn't the worst part. The room was infested with bugs, and the window screen was so badly damaged that it barely served its purpose. The bathroom situation was equally abysmal. The showers required payment for usage, and even then, the water pressure was laughably low. To make matters worse, the bathrooms were absolutely filthy, with grime and dirt evident in every corner. The overall water pressure throughout the property seemed decent, except for the showers where it was consistently lacking, making the basic task of taking a shower a frustrating ordeal. What truly astounded me was the lack of basic amenities. I was shocked to discover that the room didn't even come with sheets or towels. This is something I would expect from a roadside motel from decades ago, not from a place that charges a hefty $70 per night. Adding insult to injury, there was no running water anywhere near the room. I had to trek a staggering 200 meters to the lodge every time I needed water or, more inconceivably, a shower. Even a request for hot water to make a simple cup of coffee was met with a suggestion to use the bathroom sink - hardly an acceptable solution. The absence of essential services continued to baffle me. Though AC wasn't technically advertised, the lack of any cooling system made the already uncomfortable sleeping conditions even worse. Laundry facilities, also listed as an amenity, were nowhere to be found. And as for the promised Wi-Fi, it was a frustratingly elusive feature that never reached the cabin. Managing trash disposal was yet another challenge, presenting a serious hazard, particularly in bear country. With the cabin being a haven for bugs due to improper waste management, the lack of an easy and safe way to dispose of trash was both alarming and unsanitary. To sum up, my stay at this hotel was nothing short of a nightmare. The subpar accommodations, nonexistent amenities, abysmal cleanliness, and disregard for the safety of guests left me feeling utterly dismayed. The $70 per night fee was a complete rip-off for what essentially amounted to accommodations no better than my own car. This establishment failed on multiple fronts, leaving me with an overall impression of neglect and disregard for guest comfort, hygiene, and safety. I sincerely hope that the management takes these concerns to heart and makes significant improvements, for the sake of future travelers who deserve far better.

  • Jay Contreras   Jul 07, 2023

    The rooms in the “big house” cabin were very clean & neat, lots of pillows & blankets to use, the water was nice & hot, the views from the windows were amazing in every room.! The staff, Taylor, the cook & a red head woman who was serving at the restaurant were all very kind & helped us enjoy our stay to the fullest.! I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a facility which is why it did not bother me to drive to Debois to the laundromat since there’s was out of order. Overall we had a wonderful vacation trip & thank you deeply for making us feel at home away from home. Stay safe God bless.!

  • MiKu Reeders - Bakker   Aug 25, 2023

    When you travel by bike you don't have many options. Your range is limited and in this environment you make do with what you come across. So also in the case of the lava mountain lodge. We were in need of a good meal. Upon entering we did not immediately feel welcome. Would they prefer no one there (we were the only ones). Nevertheless, we took a seat and we were approached in a friendly manner, but it did not feel sincere. We ordered our food and drinks (see below) and filled our empty stomachs. Before we left we visited the toilet. It was really too dirty to visit actually. Smelled and the floor was wet. A real shame. The restaurant looks good inside. But if you zoom in and make contact, it is disappointing. our advice: drive on to Crooked Creek Guest Ranch, everything is better there: the food, the view, the people! well worth the extra miles!

  • Lee Hinchcliffe   Sep 24, 2023

    Stayed here for 4 / 5 nights whilst visiting the nearby Grand Tetons. When staying in these sorts of areas [unless paying the big bucks] this is the type of accommodation on offer, we had a hut with 2 double beds and for what we paid it was a steel. Were told no bedding provided but on arrival some had kindly been provided. Only visited the bar area once [balcony area to the rear with stunning views] and the female waitress was very friendly. Some small minor improvements would make a big difference, could have been a little cleaner [hut & communal shower / toilet areas], mattresses could have been a little softer and could have done with a change machine for showers which took quarters but again for what we paid no complaints and would happily stay here again.

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