Lava Mountain Lodge

3577 US-26, Dubois, WY 82513, USA

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  • Cory Brunk   Aug 23, 2022

    The service at the bar was horrible. They served warm beer and it took over an hour to get our food. The restaurant is supposed to open at 7am....that didn't happen. Automatic 20% added to the bill wether you bought something from the store or ordered at the restaurant. The front desk employee was rude and started cussing at my boyfriend when he asked for the copy of his credit card and license back at check out....he started dropping f Bombs. The hot water heater went out...surprisingly it was fixed immediately. No smoke alarm in the room, no refrigerator or coffee maker either. Coffee is supposed to be free at the charged for that too. Overall I wouldn't ever stay there. It's convenient because of the parks but that's it.

  • Dr. Dylan   Jul 30, 2022

    Decided to get breakfast here since we slept here overnight. The waitress was friendly but not very attentive. Was very slow which was surprising since the place was very empty and not busy. Then the food took seriously right around 30 minutes to come out. Very surprising since it was just eggs and bacon and hash browns. Would’ve taken literally 5 minutes if it was a waffle house. Very frustrating too since we have places to be. Then the eggs tasted like they were soaked in oil. The oil was way too overpowering. The hash browns were not crispy and discolored (gray), the bacon wasn’t crispy either. I’m not usually very picky at all, it was just that bad. The server did not check on us after our food was dropped off.  I normally always tip 20% as I work in the service industry but due to the poor quality food/service, I was going to leave a 15% tip. Yet there was an automatic 20% gratuity added on. Then it all made sense. They trap you in there and don’t really care about you because they know they’re getting their 20% tip no matter what. To make it even worse, my girlfriend got a $4 sticker and $3 chapstick from the store and they threw the 20% gratuity on top of those items as well. Pretty unbelievable. Really regret not just getting breakfast in Dubois. Seriously do not eat breakfast here. Save your time and money

  • Clayton Deuter   May 16, 2023

    It's not the greatest place for the price. It was clean, internet didn't work, no one around the entire time we stayed. I guess it was quiet.

  • Cindi Siggs   Jan 11, 2023

    Booked via there website, which has you select dates and then it tells you what is available. Booked two rooms and all I can say is be sure to check the confirmation email as it booked me for the same day I was making the reservation. Upon arrival at 8:00 pm we find out the issue, get told they had no rooms. Was told to call their other property to see about a refund. Once back in Kansas from dropping daughter at school in Missoula, I contacted them and was told I would receive a refund due to issues I outlined and never recieved it, so I spent $700 total between the two hotels for one night. OUCH!

  • Recon Angling   May 28, 2023

    Very disappointed in the cleanliness of this place. The cabins have great potential, but was very dirty, light fixtures hanging out of the ceiling, no towels, floors were extremely dirty, as were the appliances. Carpet in the loft was stained and full of dog hair. The facility grounds are very trashy and cluttered as well. I'm semi local to this area and would not recommend staying here.

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