Kudar Motel

260 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Lunde Boys   Jun 10, 2022

    If I could give this negative stars I would. The owner sent me a text the day before our arrival saying she needed to move us from our original reserved area which was on a grassy location, across from a nice green space. I assumed a booking mistake was made; no big deal. She told me she was giving us two spots, I assumed to compensate for the error. Wrong. When we arrived, we realized she moved us to AN ALLEY with a river rafting tour bus constantly going through so close to us we were fearful of our children exiting the rv safely. Our new view out our windows was into the bathrooms of the building next door. Obviously we were not happy, but I knew Jackson was very busy and there was literally no other place to stay. We decided to make the best of it and started to set up. We were having trouble with electric, so I called the number posted on the office door (office was locked "due to COVID"- every other place in Jackson was open; likely a convenient excuse not to talk to people in person) When I told her we were having trouble with electric, she immediately says, "if you aren't happy, you can leave" that is a direct quote, and her immediate response! What?! Not, "oh let me send someone to help you" like any other person in the hospitality business would do, she told us TO LEAVE. We got it figured out on our own. The next morning, we happened to walk by our original spot, and it was sitting wide open. We were on our way to various activities we had planned in Jackson, so I didn't call to qiestion this, and quite frankly was not looking forward to another interaction with this clearly unstable woman. I got a notification from my bank that the charge went thru for the full amount of the reservation, though the spot she moved us to is advertised on their website for a much lesser amount. I texted her from where we were enjoying activities asking if we would be compensated for being moved to a "less than ideal spot", and she immediately called me and told me again to "PACK UP AND LEAVE IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY, I CAN FILL THAT SPOT IN AN HOUR" Again, direct quote. She had given us two spots because our vehicle would not fit in one, but again, that was HER DECISION WHICH DIDN'T NEED TO BE MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I reminded her SHE moved US before we even arrived! And for no reason! She then told me "In five years I have not had one complaint, and you are the first person in five years that cannot come back" I replied that was a lie as their online reviews have several complaints in the last year-mostly having to do with her rudeness. She then told me she "stopped by and your kids didn't know where you were, but said everything was fine" Another lie. When I asked my 23 year old if she stopped by he exclaimed," "that was her?! She walked by, looked at Brennan (my 11 year old son) and said 'Aimee, are you alright?'" My older son said 'what?" And she then ""scurried away looking over her shoulder panicked like a (expletive) meth tweaker". She confused my 11 year old son for a middle-aged mom? Something is clearly wrong with this person. Don't be fooled into staying here by their "downtown location" -almost every single option of places to stay in Jackson are within walking distance to whatever you want to do. Jackson also has a free shuttle within town limits, and very cheap fares to Teton Village and other Jackson Hole locations. From convenience store workers, to waitreses, to tour guides and teenagers running rides at Snow King resort, every single person we came into contact with in Jackson was professional and friendly. We have already made reservations for a Christmas trip-obviously staying elsewhere. Kudar clearly makes their money by gouging the tourist spillover when all other locations get booked. Aside from a person running from the law, I can't imagine anyone else would willingly stay here as a first choice. If she replies to this post refuting any of this, she is a LIAR. AVOID THIS BUSINESS AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

  • LT banfield   Jul 29, 2022

    Good price for one night stop and rest near town shops. Clean and friendly

  • Jeff Rogers   Jun 25, 2017

    Our Cabin was not like others described or photographed. Room was in serious need of updating! Smelled like bug bomb and heavy cleaners that made our eyes water. Mold in the shower tile and on the bathroom ceiling. Birds nests in the rafters of the front porch, but they tried to deter them buy stapling cardboard all over the place. No dead bolt lock for security, cheap lock set on door. Exposed electrical in closet, and no GFCI (code required outlet) next to what can only be described as a fish cleaning sink. Overloaded outlets with surge strips on them. Mattresses were shot! Staff was nice, grounds are extremely well maintained, right in the heart of downtown. Had we got a room like what is pictured from others I would have rated well, but Cabin 16 was a dive!

  • Angelica Trejo   Aug 03, 2018

    Outstanding place!, the cabins are beautiful, spacious and at an affordable price! The people that works here are very nice and accommodating. Its within walking distance of the main shopping/tourist area (about 2 blocks) and there is a cool mexican store right behind the cabins accros the parking lot, pay Juan a visit!. We will definitely stay here again if we ever come back to Jackson Hole WY and I encourage you to do the same!. Thank you very much for the hospitality!

  • Andrew Davidge   Sep 09, 2022

    Kudar Motel & RV Park is a time capsule relic of classic vintage Americana in the heart of Jackson Hole still holding out against the onslaught of new upscale development closing in from all sides. This is prime location within walking distance of downtown Jackson and easy vehicle access to/from Highway 191. The Teton County Recreation Center is also right next door but was under construction as of August 2022 which was disappointing. The price is reasonable by Jackson standards (we paid ~$135/night for full RV hookups), but don’t expect any frills here other than the grand old black poplars that line the pleasant little park green. Our front desk staff – John – was very hospitable and accommodating. Due to the high cost of living in Jackson, the Kudar is also home to some seasonal and semi-permanent residents who can’t afford to live anywhere else in town, so mind your manners and be considerate of the local folk who call this place home. The only thing that soured our stay was early morning noise pollution either from the cadre of 2-wheeled chrome dragons and/or the cacophony of construction activity coming from next door. The crews started every morning at 7am blasting music during their pre-work stretches. The morning after Olivia Newton-John died, we were treated to this fantastic scene: grizzled construction workers doing calisthenics to Summer Nights from Grease at extremely high decibel. We just about died laughing and considered it fair consolation for the abrupt 7am wake-up calls. Despite all the noise, we would stay here again for the fair price and unbeatable location. We just hope to make it back before the Kudar Motel & RV Park succumbs to the inexorable march of time.

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