King Sushi

75 S King St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Kyrie Chandler   Jul 20, 2023

    This place is absolutely divine in every way! I ordered the Takatenjin “Soul of the Sensei” sake, cold, and I was happy with the sweet notes that ended with a clean dryness. The hot miso soup was amazing in flavor and richness, watching the broth swirl was tantalizing. I ordered the Roo roll, this was an excellent choice of fish and shrimp paired together and I could not have been happier. To finish off my drinks, I had a glass of mana “True vision” sake. This was a crisp and sweet sake with very little dry, and I loved it the most. The final was a Nigiri with one of their special catches for the day; a Bluefin

  • Gary Sui   Feb 01, 2024

    can't believe, white men with tatoos can make the best sushis! ordered a sake, two oysters, fresh and tasty, a miso soup, perfect, and pressed shishi, tasted wonderful! highly recommended!

  • Rider Dowling   May 08, 2024

    A guy preparing the sushi kept opening the cooler doors and touching raw fish with the same hand and putting it back the same way without cleaning his hands and put a receipt on the chopping table to write on it without wiping off the block or his hands also. When I brought it up to a waitress she just stared at me and when I asked if she understood the problem I was saying since it's raw fish she said "I don't know what to tell you." I told her I'll just pay for the sake and leave and when she was getting my check I suspect she was talking about it to a other waitress cause she kept looking between me and her. I was excited to try the food it sucks this is how it went.

  • bryan spencer   May 12, 2024

    10/10 best place we went in Jackson. The chefs were incredible, their preparations and dishes were phenomenal. Great attitudes and personalities made our date night one to remember. 100% recommend all to try!

  • Brian McMahan   Oct 13, 2023

    WOW! Where do I start. The atmosphere is just the neatest little blacksmith cabin that has turned into a sushi restaurant. The sushi selection is phenomenal several different rolls to choose from. The staff was super friendly as soon as you hit the door and walked in. The sushi chefs were engaging and friendly to talk with. Hands down the best sushi in Jackson, Wyoming...MAKE RESERVATIONS!

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