POB 290, 3395 W Cody Ln, Jackson, WY 83025, USA

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  • Natalia Dibbern   Dec 22, 2022

    Food here is great. I really love their chicken noodle soup because it has ramen noodles and the broth is just perfect for the cold weather. I also recommend their brussel sprouts and the salmon burger. I also like that you sit down and a server comes to you and that it's not self serve.

  • Grant Heslin   Dec 06, 2022

    The menu looked good, but the taste…and presentation…fell well short of expectations. Examples: the noodle soup looked like a bowl of ramen, but the broth was completely flavorless. We had to request some salt and pepper…which they brought over in the little paper packets. The wedge salad was served in a soup bowl and topped with some tasty corn bread croutons…and something that approximated a tablespoon of ground bacon and a pleasant but scarce dressing. I requested some additional dressing and was brought a small condiment bowl of a different dressing, blue cheese. The chili was much more like a soup. Still, it tasted good and had a nice portion of cheddar cheese and sour cream. And our least favorite, the BLT (perhaps the most iconic and difficult to screw up sandwich in american cuisine) was prepared with a soft, house cured, thick cut “bacon” (looked like pork belly, tasted like pork) lettuce and a tasty tomato jam. It really didn’t resemble a BLT in taste or appearance. All in all, the “take” on some very traditional menu items was…overly ambitious…and in the opinion of our four-person group… did not live up to the standard version. Look, I can appreciate the creativity, but we’d all agree that change without effect is not worth it. Especially for the price. I provided this feedback to the manager. He was attentive and said he was grateful. I wish them the best. NOTE: Service was good.

  • Eddy K   Aug 16, 2021

    ATMOSPHERE and LOCATION: Located right in Teton Village next to the gondola and tram. They were a bit understaffed so service was a bit slow, but I heard that's true of the entire area this time of year, as it's hard to find workers. Had outdoor seating available, but we wanted to stay out of the sun and the indoor space was large and open. FOOD: Pulled pork sandwich (4.25 out of 5): Not sure if it's because it's my first meal after multiple days of backpacking food, but the sandwich was really good. Sweet potato fries (4.5 out of 5): Crispy and all around way better than regular fries. Cookie a la mode (5 out of 5): Ice cream on top of a warm chocolate pan cookie. If you crave something sweet, this hits the spot. If you're looking for subtle-sweet, get the huckleberry sundae instead. This dessert is rather for us who want something really chocolately and sweet!

  • Aaron Maass   Aug 02, 2021

    Good lord the service at this place. It was almost hilariously awful. It took about 5-10 minutes of waiting and wandering around to be acknowledged which was nuts because the place was not busy. Look at these pics - it was a ghost town. When we got a waitress she kept mentioning that she should just pour our glasses of water on our heads because we had worked up a sweat from the disc golf course on the property. Kind of rude, but whatever. We all struggled to get our phones to read the QR code on the table for the menu. None of the four of us could get it to work after considerable effort so we requested physical menus. Our waitress brings some over and says they're the all-day menus. The all-day menus. Remember that. We review the menu and decide we want chicken sandwiches. We ask to order them but the waitress says that it isn't available because it was 4pm. "But it's on the all day menu..." we replied, confused and somewhat irritated. She responded that some dishes aren't available at 4pm but reiterated that it was indeed the all day menu. Excuse me, what. We asked if she could check with the kitchen to make them anyways. She came back a minute later and said the kitchen was unwilling to do so. We left.

  • Brent Walker   Jul 13, 2022

    After taking a trip up/down the gondola to the top of the mountain to get a peek at the Grand Teton, we were ready to get something to eat, but before I tell you about that let me tell you about the ride and top of the mountain. The ride up was in a large gondola, probably could hold 50 people, some sitting some standing. The ride was smooth and saw a brown bear on the way up. Wife and I were both in shorts as the weather at the bottom was very pleasant. Arriving at the top, it was 15-20 degrees colder and a strong wind. We walked around taking in the sights and after an eye full it was time to go back down. Walking around Teton village, we decided on the RPK3 restaurant. It seemed very trendy and nicely laid out. So not knowing what we know now, we called a waiter over and said we were ready to order. He told us he could take the order or just enter it on our phone. We did not know it was a contactless system where you scan a QR code to get the menu, select what you want, entrée, sides, drink and pay directly from the app. I actually kind of liked that but wish we were told that when we were seated. Anyway, looking at the menu, I decided on the RPK1 burger (bun-less) and fries. I really liked my burger and fries. Had good flavor and the fries were nice and crispy. My wife had the same also bun-less and sweet potato fries. She liked hers as well. Would we return, sure if we are in the area again.

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