JHMR – Jackson Hole Sports

7720 Granite Loop Rd, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

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  • Stuart Vassey   Mar 02, 2023

    Friendly service, good selection, and super convenient spot for swapping out demo skis. You can also swap at the demo hut on the hill. A little pricey, but worth it.

  • Kim Bollmann   Apr 03, 2023

    You can make this as expensive as you want, but you can also find a great deal. Good selection of product and clothing. Helpful, friendly staff as well!

  • Gwen Hendry   Feb 16, 2022

    Plenty of skiing for everyone. No restrooms or lockers near ski racks. 🤔 Great ski lift scan pass system and easy online lift and equipment rentals.

  • Mitchell Miller   Feb 18, 2023

    Absolute scam. Do not get fitted for boots here. Intentional negligence from the staff caused an accident. Visit #1: Jake was the person who helped me. I had a new pair of Nordica Speed Machine boots. I got a pair of drop in insoles and grinding work done from Jake. $120. The boots felt better, so I checked out and went back outside. Jake comes running out a few minutes later while I'm grabbing my skis. Somehow, he managed to forget to put the entire right boot floor plate back into the boot. I sit down outside, and he puts the floor plate back into the boot, but doesn't screw it back in. I had no idea that the floor plate needed to be secured, but he definitely did. So, he fit me to the boot WITHOUT a floor plate, then runs outside with the floor plate, and puts it back into the boot WITHOUT securing it back to the boot. Visit #2: Obviously with the floor plate in the boot, the boot fit was completely different (and extremely painful). Not what I paid for. I go back into the shop after a hour of skiing to get additional adjustment done, since the fit is completely different with the floor plate now inside of the boot. Note that I was fitted incorrectly to the right boot, since they fit me WITHOUT the floor plate in the boot. Liam makes an additional grind to the boot, and then charges me an additional $60 and doesn't secure the floor plate still with the included screw with the boot. There was no way for me to know at the time that they didn't secure the floor plate in visit #1 or #2. This is complete intentional negligence from the staff. Visit #3: Next day, I go into the shop again. I still don't know that the floor plate is completely unsecured to the boot. Jake makes additional grinds, and doesn't charge me. He still does not secure the floor plate to the boot, further proving intentional negligence, as they most likely lost the screw to secure it. I assume that Jake lost the screw to my new boot. I demand this to be fixed, or to be compensated for the new boots and refunded for the boot work done. Absolutely unacceptable, and a complete scam and negligence from the staff. I didn't realize that the floor plate was unsecured until it gave way and shifted while I was cruising about 40mph. It caused a painful accident.

  • Amanda Bronson   Jan 30, 2023

    I could not be more disappointed with our experience yesterday. I had some family in town that are new to skiing and were just getting on skis for a half day to experience the ski resort. We walk in at 11:30 and are not helped for a good 10 minutes despite the shop being fairly empty and 10+ employees just standing around. The boot fitter had no clue how to ensure the boots were fitting properly on someone that has never put of ski boots before. After I saw him not even buckle the boots and decide they fit fine, I stepped in to make sure the boots were fitting properly, by strapping the boots and showing them how to flex into the boot. I also micro-adjusted the buckles when they couldn't get them to close. The ski guys forgot to get multiple people helmets despite asking many times for them, the kids helmets were obviously not fitting correctly at all and I had to interrupt their standing around to get them new ones. One of the pairs of ski's bindings were never adjusted to the boot at no fault of our own, so we had to go back in shortly after to get that fixed. Instead of apologizing and fixing them as they should have, they questioned our intelligence and experience. The binding was laughably large for the boot size, it was obvious. That person missed out on multiple runs while dealing with this. Again, no apology, just sass, like you had ONE JOB and failed to do it. When returning the skis, one pair got mixed up with another renter's skis and they put them both back on the rack without confirming whos was whos, and instead of just searching the rental on the computer really quick they made us search the ski racks outside, knowing we just brought in skis.... eventually we got them to search them up and what do you know! they were already put away. I have experienced renting from the snowboard shop upstairs, as well as getting ski boots fitting at the ski shop and both experiences were great. I have also rented Mountain Bikes from JH Sports in the summer many years ago and they did a much better job teaching us newbies about the equipment. I have rented skis personally from Teton Village sports many times over the years. Despite how crowded and chaotic this shop can get, I always witnessed the workers taking the time to teach new skiers about their gear and ensuring they have the best fitting gear they can get, taking extra time with kids. They have no problem switching out your gear if you want something different and make sure its exactly what you need for the conditions. I highly recommend Teton Village Sports for rentals, especially if you want some good demos. I don't know if yesterday was just an off day but it was just BAD and embarrassing to have such a hectic experience gearing up for what was supposed to be a fun afternoon on the slopes, but turned out to be pretty stressful. The workers watched me running round like a mad women to each person in my group to make sure they all got their gear, and they continued to stand around and chat as if no one was in their store. I am really not one to write bad reviews but wow yesterday was so unnecessarily horrible.

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