Hoback Sports

520 West Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Hoback Sports is the premier shop in the valley for quick and affordable Jackson Hole bike services. We offer a full complement of services to help keep your equipment in working order. Whether you need some new lights for your cruiser or a custom bike fitting for your ride bike, we have everything you need. Our staff of passionate bike experts will help you find the right parts and services to get you back on your bike in no time.

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  • Brendan Corboy   May 13, 2022

    Hoback sports sees a lot of boot fitting volume, and as a result has excellent boot fitters. Dom is especially good and helped me get the correct punch after several failed attempts at other places. Highly recommend!

  • Matt Smith   Aug 23, 2019

    This is our second time renting bicycles from Hoback. Each time has been exceptional. The service was amazing and helpful. The bikes were top notch and well maintained. If you are visiting Jackson Hole WY, stop by and pay a visit to Hoback!

  • Sunny Remington   Jul 23, 2022

    This bike shop would not order the part we needed. We ordered it and had it sent to a UPS store. Once we received the part, we called the store the night before to ask if they could fix it the next morning. They said yes. When we got there the next morning, they told us they could not do it on this time frame and we needed to leave town. Disappointing.

  • RG RG   Oct 11, 2022

    There are many great bike shops around the country who provide excellent sale and service. Hoback Sports ranks in the top tier. While on an extended vacation this summer, I had the opportunity to visit three wonderful bike shops with great sales and service staff — Hoback Sports in Jackson, Wyoming, Elephants Perch in Ketchum, Idaho and University Bicycles in Boulder, Colorado. There are two highly knowledgeable and professional bike salesman at Hoback Sports, both with the first name of “Pat” — Pat S and Pat B — both of whom I cannot praise enough. They patiently worked with me to get a perfect match for an E Mountain Bike along with with great Black Kat pedals and Deity Copperhead 50mm stem (which enabled a perfect arm extension over the stock stem). Hoback has an excellent inventory and I was able to test ride a couple of Specialized E Mountain Bikes in two different sizes over a two day period. I have found it a rare experience over the last couple of years of being able to ride different bike options before purchase — for me, Hoback was a godsend in this regard. It is one thing to read the specifications for various bikes, as well as reviews, but while that is helpful, it is no match for actually riding the bike before purchase — Hoback Sports has an outstanding and extensive inventory of E Mountain bikes I was interested in — they provided an opportunity that heretofore was nonexistent. Kudos to Hoback Sports and both Pat S and Pat B.

  • prettythings3   Sep 30, 2022

    I have been a patron of HS for almost 25 years and they have never disappointed. I dropped off a very sick road bike and my questions were courteously answered by Alan and TG. Surprisingly, the bike was repaired in just one day! Thanks to these fine professionals for their expertise! Whether winter or summer I know there's always some good advice and expertise awaiting just inside your front door!

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