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Hoback Sports, West Broadway, Jackson, WY, USA

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  • Matt Smith   Aug 23, 2019

    This is our second time renting bicycles from Hoback. Each time has been exceptional. The service was amazing and helpful. The bikes were top notch and well maintained. If you are visiting Jackson Hole WY, stop by and pay a visit to Hoback!

  • Jimmi Ryan   Oct 26, 2019

    The service was the absolute best. The rental manager, Connor, helped me through the entire process. I love Hoback Sports. They have my business forever.

  • margel pitcher   Mar 06, 2020

    Came to Jackson for some epic skiing (which it was!!), but needed help with my boots (got a bad fit and needed new boots). Met with Don to discuss my best options (I'm an aggressive skier with terrible shaped feet). He spent about 3 hours helping me choose the best boot and shaping the boot to fit me and my janky feet!! I have NEVER (and I mean NEVER) had a better fitting pair of boots!!! It was AMAZING to be able to ski without pain or having my feet fall asleep!! This allowed me to ski longer and harder without needing to take breaks to alleviate my discomfort. I would recommend Don and Hoback Sports to anybody needing ski service.

  • Tim Smith   Dec 09, 2019

    I woke up yesterday morning and called the shop which they were open promptly, I spoke to a very polite young man name Ethan and asked them if I needed a appointment to come in and buy new gear. No appointment was needed and when I arrived I was greeted by Cassie she was amazing and helped me purchase everything I needed for the ski season... She spent almost 4 hours custom making and matching not only ski apparel bindings boots foot beds glove, goggles, jacket and pants. She set me up with everything for a successful ski season... 👍😁🤘😁👌 Hoback sports is putting my bindings on the skis today and I really look forward to picking them up and getting on the slopes here in the Jackson Hole Valley, thank you Cassie and Ethan and Jack for helping me out what a great team you are all awesome.

  • Joshua Francis   Dec 21, 2019

    This was our first time renting any type of ski equipment. I was able to rent it online and pick up the evening before we went skiing so we didnt have to get it the morning of our outing. There were six of us and my brother in law with his 5 people. The guys that helped us were super nice and very patient with our young children. This is the place I'll be getting all my ski equipment from while in Jackson. Thanks Hoback Sports!!

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