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  • Heidi Grengg   Sep 28, 2022

    Dr. Tyler was wonderful!! He quickly assessed and addressed the 2 issues I came in for, explained what he was doing and why, and was always checking in with me about how the treatment was feeling. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

  • Darlene Plaster   Sep 26, 2022

    Dr Tyler Wright did such a great job. I'm a new patient and Dr. Tyler worked many techniques on me to try and get my right pelvis to move. It was locked tight. He did an amazing job.

  • shannon helton   Sep 21, 2022

    Dr. Tyler Parker is extremely knowledgeable and cares about his clients by making sure their needs, concerns, and problems have been throughly addressed. His knowledge, intuition, and ability to assess what is going on with your body is impeccable. He uses ART (active release technique) as well as doing adjustments. If you have a specific problem and don’t want to be adjusted, he will use ART to address your issues and forgo the adjustment. He will work with your comfort level. I am an orthopedic massage therapist in the valley and have worked with many practitioners and Dr.Park is one of the very best I’ve had work on my issues. I highly recommend him!

  • Michael F   Nov 18, 2022

    I very highly recommend Tyler and Laura for what they can do to heal your problem and give the right stretches and exercises to prevent future issues. I have been a patient since they first opened and I have always had nothing but positive results. I just had a SI joint issue and I was out of state and I went to see different practitioners and nothing worked. I went yesterday and saw Tyler and in a short time he found the problem and worked it out and I am no longer with the pain. He is very professional and personable and I am happy to share that with all of you.

  • Sara Egglefield   May 26, 2022

    I've been going to chiropractors for 40 years plus and have never experienced one so intuitive and well schooled in his profession. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, straight forward and understanding! I'm a Pilates Instructor and Personal trainer so I'm familiar with the mechanics of the body but I was so impressed with Dr. Parker that I wanted to write a well deserved review! I went to see him as my lower back was acting up. When he adjusted me he suggested my left hip may be the problem and not my back. On my second appointment he spent the half hour investigating my hip digging deep into my muscles, etc. He suggested I get an x-ray because he thought I may have bone on bone.(Normally a chiropractor will suggest you keep coming back for treatments. This guy told me like it was which was basically I can't help you at this point). The X-ray did indeed show bone on bone with some bone spurs. I have since had a hip replacement and can't wait to resume all the physical activities I enjoy!. I look forward to seeing Dr. Parker monthly for wellness.

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