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  • Mary Tisi   Dec 23, 2022

    Laura got me out of sciatic pain years ago that no one else in Jackson could. My shoulder and the surrounding area has been hurting for 4 months. I finally got treatment today from Tyler and am regretting I didn't go sooner. I have the most relief I've had in months. The best first stop before a visit to PT or an orthopedic doctor.

  • David Carpenter   Dec 05, 2022

    Excellent care given!!! He’s all about taking care of the root cause!!! Very pleased with the physical therapy, manipulation, and follow up exercises to improve my issues! Since I’ve been seeing him there’s been a diaristic improvement with way longer time frames between flare ups. Unlike most chiropractors he’s looking to get you healed not how many visits he can get you to attend! I’ll never visit just a chiropractor again I’m all for what he has to offer and will highly recommend him!

  • Melissa Harrison   Jan 27, 2023

    I am so happy to have discovered JH Backcountry Health. Between Certified Personal Trainer, Ian Kuo, Chiropractor Tyler Wright, and massage therapy with Katy at Mobility Massage it is the perfect one-stop for one's health needs. They have helped me work through some injuries and get back on the road to fitness. It is a professional, extremely knowledgeable and just nice group people. I also really like the space and small size of the health center. I would totally recommend JH Backcountry Health to anyone!

  • shannon helton   Dec 26, 2022

    Dr. Tyler Parker is extremely knowledgeable and cares about his clients by making sure their needs, concerns, and problems have been throughly addressed. His knowledge, intuition, and ability to assess what is going on with your body is impeccable. He uses ART (active release technique) as well as doing adjustments. If you have a specific problem and don’t want to be adjusted, he will use ART to address your issues and forgo the adjustment. He will work with your comfort level. I am an orthopedic massage therapist in the valley and have worked with many practitioners and Dr.Park is one of the very best I’ve had work on my issues. I highly recommend him!

  • Michael F   Nov 18, 2022

    I very highly recommend Tyler and Laura for what they can do to heal your problem and give the right stretches and exercises to prevent future issues. I have been a patient since they first opened and I have always had nothing but positive results. I just had a SI joint issue and I was out of state and I went to see different practitioners and nothing worked. I went yesterday and saw Tyler and in a short time he found the problem and worked it out and I am no longer with the pain. He is very professional and personable and I am happy to share that with all of you.

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