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  • Matt Murray   Oct 30, 2023

    Tyler was great to work with! In addition to being good at what he does, he was informative and focused on treating my whole body, not just the trouble areas. I look forward to utilizing his options for rehabilitation and training!

  • Jacqueline Beley   Dec 06, 2023

    Every time I go in to see Dr Laura or Dr Tyler is an extremely valuable experience. They validate what I'm feeling and why it happened and go above and beyond to treat whatever I'm dealing with. I love their approach and can't recommend their services enough!

  • Shannon Gosnell   Dec 05, 2023

    I love Backcountry Health. Dr Tyler’s work is magic. He is knowledgeable & caring. I always have walked out feeling a lot better than I did walking in. Ian is also so helpful. This place does amazing work!

  • Michelle Gress   Dec 11, 2023

    Dr. Tyler is amazing - I felt heard and loved all the attention he gives you and the education. Good health is a partnership and Dr. Tyler makes you feel like a partner and teaches you as well. Highly recommend!

  • Jim   Oct 26, 2023

    Dr Tyler and staff were a tremendous help for some pain that I was having in my neck, upper back and numbness in my fingers. Dr Tyler is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about the body with both skeletal and muscle related pain. After dealing with intermittent pain and stiffness for years… he was able to identify the source issues quickly and in a matter of an hour I had tremendous relief and a plan of attack to rehab, strengthen and stretch key areas as preventative work. Thanks Dr. Tyler!

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