Jenny Lake Store

Teton Park Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA

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  • Andy Zahn   Jun 19, 2021

    Don't go here. The souvenirs and snacks just aren't worth it. When I visited it was packed to the gills to a degree that made it dangerous for reasons of both disease and fire danger. The line wound halfway around the store, and every eisle was packed. It would have taken half an hour just to get to the register. To make matters worse, the prices were expensive even for a park gift shop. Save your money, your time, and your sanity and skip this potentially lethal tourist trap.

  • Eoghan G.   May 16, 2021

    Great gift store and surprisingly very lowly priced convenience store! Nice to see the National Parks Org not milking every single $ out of visitors. Great souvenir mug and hat selection and lots of other stuff.

  • Sarah V   Sep 18, 2022

    There were five workers talking around the register when I got up to pay for my stuff. They told me to go to another register that had different workers even though they had nobody in line and all they were doing was talking

  • Lindsay Geier   Jun 18, 2022

    Very cool store in Grand Teton National Park! Huge variety of products including camping gear, souvenirs, GT and Jenny Lake clothing and convenience store type food. Kathy, who checked us out at the register, was lovely - kind, helpful and full of helpful suggestions! Thanks, Kathy!

  • Benjamin Baker   Aug 25, 2020

    Update: The Jenny Lake area revamp is complete, and it’s incredible! You owe it to yourself to pay a visit. I'm very excited to see how the Jenny Lake area turns out after all of the construction. I suggest a winter trip out here on cross country skis. It's beautiful, quiet, and far fewer people. (store is closed, but the views are open :))

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