Jenny Lake Lodge

Jenny Lake Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA

Rustic elegance inside Grand Teton National Park. Enjoy beautiful log cabins, 5-course dinner, and gourmet breakfast as a part of your stay.

  • B D   Aug 31, 2023

    Great spot and lovely cabins. The bicycles and horseback riding are really nice. Food is also great, if anything the 4 course meal is slightly OTT

  • Forrest Burton   Aug 13, 2023

    Amazing! We couldn't imagine a better experience. Absolutely beautiful location. Ron and the staff were top-notch. Breakfast and dinner were superb. Rustic, yet luxury accommodations. Lots of activities or just a great spot to relax in nature right at the base of the majestic Teton range.

  • Ashley Gonzalez   Oct 01, 2023

    We only ate at the restaurant, but the food was delicious. The waiter was a bit short with us though. They did not seem short staffed and weren't very busy at the time.

  • Brent Frerck   Jul 24, 2023

    Treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner after a beautiful day of hiking Jenny Lake, Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls. The perfect way to cap-off a day in the Tetons. The 5-course meal was well planned and executed. I had the Bison steak and my wife had the Idaho Rainbow trout, both were amazing. Our waiter, as the rest of the staff, was quite attentive. The lodge dining room, like the rest of the lodge, is intimate, comfortable and full of western charm. I love that they are still serving on some of the original Grand Tetons National Park china, nice attention to details.

  • Home   Sep 17, 2023

    This review is for the restaurant. We were looking for some good trout to have for breakfast. We both ordered the lodges 'eggs and trout' since this is trout country. We were disappointed to discover that the lodge serves steelhead trout. It is not a local trout and has a very different flesh than local trout and is not to our taste. It is, however, readily available commercially. The menu or the waiter should have warned us. We did not enjoy the meal.

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