Jenny Lake Boating Inc

Jenny Lake, Visitor Center, Moose, WY 83012, USA

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  • Shruti Shah   Sep 11, 2022

    The ferry service is great. We hiked one way and took the ferry the other way. We realised there were not many views on the hike to the starting point of the trail, so took the ferry on the back. Ferry frequency is great and is about 10 mins long.

  • Mitch Rosecamp   Jul 15, 2022

    This may have been the highlight of our 10 day family vacation, the vista's are breath taking, the hike up the trails, are as challenging as you want rhem to be, if you decide to continue. Simply beautiful.

  • Grace Li   Jul 02, 2022

    Rent a kayak, take a scenic boat tour or take a boat ride across to the hiking trails for inspiration point! It’s beautiful to just take the boat across and back to go hiking! Boats come and go for pickups frequently. Last boat ride is at 7pm.

  • Ian Glycenfer   Aug 26, 2022

    We rented a canoe for the day, and it was so wonderful. We went around the shoreline, stopped at a pebble beach and read and swam for a bit, made it to the headwaters on the north side, then ended up docking at a sandy beach near the dock for the lake shuttle. From there we hiked to hidden falls and inspiration point, highly recommend!! Then hung out on the sandy beach for a little bit while we snacked, relaxed in the sun, and swam some more. There’s so many nice little spots to pull off and hangout on the shoreline. If you’re thinking about hiking Jenny lake trail, perhaps consider this instead. Hiking is great but being on the water while getting to see the whole perimeter of the lake, and getting to hike inspiration point on top of that was just a great way to experience the lake. On top of everything, we saw an otter at the very end of the day! He was so cute!!

  • Alic Wired   Aug 29, 2022

    This is a must, if you want a refreshing short boat ride to some great mountain hiking. It'll save you a 3.5 mile hike each way around the lake, so you spend your energy at a much more picturesque and challenging backcountry mountain hiking. The boat ride is $20-something with return ticket stamped on your hand. You'll see a waterfall, some spectacular views of the lake Jenny, and some wildlife on your hike.

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