Jedediah’s at the Airport

Terminal, 1250 E Airport Rd, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Angie Kent   Jul 22, 2023

    I had the back Brie arugula sandwich and I Loved it! My americano and sandwich (with potatoes) was $27. I think that is definitely on par with airport, specifically Jackson airport prices. Everything was made to order, served hot. Definitely hit the spot.

  • Blackberry BB   Dec 31, 2023

    The mediterran platter is really pricy (like $20 but not good value at all. Happy with the fries.

  • david dix   Oct 22, 2023

    For an airport I couldn't ask for more. Good simple drink selection and food. Very kind service. Food was made to order promptly. The young lady who served our group was very informative and professional. She has light blue hair which threw us off at first but as soon as she served us we were all pleasantly surprised. Will definitely be stopping here next trip through Jackson.

  • Caroline Fabacher   Apr 02, 2024

    $9.00 (before tax!) for a cappuccino is highway robbery. And if you’re going to charge that much for a drink, you should at least make it properly instead of serving up lattes. I know businesses gotta do what they gotta do to get that tourist money and stay alive…but you’ve got to be kidding me with the coffee prices. If there were LITERALLY any other offering in the airport, you wouldn’t do this. This is gross and I’ll make a point to never plan on getting coffee at the airport again.

  • Ray Miller   Jan 13, 2024

    Look, I am normally a pescatarian. However, when in Wyoming, there are times one must deviate from their values. My whole trip in Jackson, I was craving a burger. Somehow, it didn’t happen. I arrived at the airport filled with melancholy, grieving the loss of the burger of my dreams. My last chance was the airport itself. Little did I know I needed not mourn. There was a burger on the menu at the sole restaurant in the Jackson airport - Jedidiah’s Kitchen. I will admit I wasn’t expecting much, having eaten mediocre airport food all over the world. But this - this was probably the best burger I’ve ever had. They use local beef, and I could tell. It tasted so fresh, so delicious. I’ve never tasted a burger like that, and I’ve had a fair share - I was not always a pescatarian. The fries were also perfectly spiced and perfectly crispy. Yes, it was a bit expensive, but that’s airport food for you. Anyway, I’m satisfied and am leaving Wyoming happy.

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