Jedediah’s at the Airport

Terminal, 1250 E Airport Rd, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Tim Stevens   Oct 10, 2018

    Had the breakfast veggie burrito and it was surprisingly decent. I've had better, but I've also had plenty worse, and given this is literally the only place to get food after security I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Jeon   Jan 04, 2019

    Very mediocre spot. Small portions is what inspired me to leave a 3-star review. Long line and only one register. I dont know if they were short staffed or simply didn't feel it was necessary to maybe help speed up the order process, so people arent sandwiched in the coffee/water/snack aisle waitinh in line to order. Overall clean place with friendly staff.

  • David Minks II   Jul 27, 2021

    They are s-l-o-w to make your order while every few minutes someone screams your number. Food wasn't all that impressive and they didn't get the order right. Plus, I've tasted a $14 burger and fries before and this isn't worth it. And drinks are an extra $2.25 with no refills! If they weren't the only restaurant at the airport I doubt they'd get repeat business, but when you're the only place to eat then they know they have you right where they want you and they know it. I mean, where else are you going to go?

  • Erica   Mar 01, 2023

    The owner of this place is pretty wretched. Some monstrous Real Housewives reject. The bar is poorly stocked, lots of customers preferences were out and they didn’t even have soda guns up and running after 2 months of being open. It *is* the only place to go and they do have fun propellers on their glasses so I guess one star for that.

  • Chasity Smith   Aug 28, 2021

    Yes it’s pricy, but every airport restaurant is overpriced and it’s no surprise the one in Jackson is even more expensive than normal. However, the pork tacos, chips and salsa were tasty and the huckleberry margarita was superb!

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