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JD High Country Outfitters has been Jackson’s largest outdoor retailer for nearly 50 years!

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  • Michael Andresino   Jul 17, 2023

    I had an outstanding day last week on the Snake River south of Jackson with Wes Bolton, local guide and member of the JD staff. Wes is a real pro, with an immaculate boat, truck and gear, but he is also extremely fun, cheerful and positive. And when I say he knows his beat, I mean he knew every rock, overhanging tree and current seam in the entire 10-mile float. There was a willing cutthroat nearly every place he had me throw a fly. Back at the shop, I enjoyed meeting the staff, who all seem to share Wes' friendly and spirited outlook. Together, they literally marked up a map for me with several DIY wade trips to try the next day. I used the shop credit they offer for guide trips on some of their cool branded clothing. I look forward to making this an annual trip.

  • Crystal Mahoney   Nov 24, 2023

    Randy in the fly shop is amazing! Talk about the most incredible customer service and kindness. He helped me get geared up for a trip to Chile and was so patient to explain each fly type he was choosing and why.

  • Ryan S   Sep 25, 2022

    Great selection of a little bit of everything for the outdoors. Staff all seem very knowledgeable and friendly. They have deals going on for different items that cut down the price a lot on certain things!

  • Trevor Krueger   Dec 01, 2023

    Had a whole shelf of Yeti bottles by the stairs upstairs with a big sign that said 40% off and they didn't honor it. Said they couldn't do 40% off and offered 10% instead, even if they were mislabeled it should still be honored and the issue with the sign fixed immediately. Being a business owner myself, I would have honored it and gone and fixed the sign etc. so watch the prices at the register if they are supposed to be on sale.

  • Daniel Palacios   Apr 06, 2024

    I went to jd’s today to buy a fly fishing combo, I met Ken he went above and beyond explaining everything he patently showed me how to tie a triple surgeons knot, helped me get flies and recommended reading material. I learned so much in a small amount of time, i am very grateful i met Ken. Thank you.

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