Jackson Lodging Co

1755 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Rachel Carpe Diem   May 19, 2022
  • Maggie C   Nov 21, 2021
  • Tim Kay   Mar 04, 2020

    Similar to other reviews, they also cancelled on us as well. No reason was given.

  • Bill Rice   Oct 10, 2018

    Yesterday we received an email from this company that the rental in Jackson Hole that we had fully paid for months ago and that was to host our family for Christmas is not unavailable. We are scrambling to find something else suitable but all of the other properties we looked at are taken. I'm very disappointed at the unprofessionalism of this company and would warn anyone from trying to rent one of their properties.

  • Melanie Maxwell   May 12, 2016

    The folks at the property management company for this condo are a bunch of crooks. I highly recommend that you don’t book this condo through this company. On May 4th, I reserved this condo for the dates of June 4-8. I also purchased airfare for my entire family and a rental car for the dates of June 4-8. Somehow a mistake was made and the reservation was made for May 13-17. I’m not sure on what end the mistake was made, but as I had no interest in travelling in May, I am confident I entered June 4-8 just as I did for the airline tickets and rental car. When they sent the request for payment, I paid assuming the dates were correct. That was my only mistake here, not double checking all the information. When they sent me the information about the condo 6 days later, I saw that the arrival date was wrong. I called 15 times, sent 7 e-mails and never received a response. Finally, using someone else's phone, I got through. I spoke to Monay. She said they have a 60 day cancellation policy and that they cannot refund my money because as a result of this reservation, they were not able to book the condo. Now, I had only booked it 6 days prior. It’s not as though the condo had been mistakenly reserved for 60 days preventing anyone trying to book in the last 60 days from booking. It was 6 days. 6 days before I noticed the mistake. Furthermore, I wasn’t even trying to cancel the reservation, I was only trying to book the dates I had intended which were June 4-8. Monay was unsympathetic, though she did offer to call VRBO and ask them to take responsibility and make the condo available for rent on the days mistakenly reserved, May 13-17. I followed up on her promise later that night and the condo showed that it was still booked on May 13-17. I checked again the following day and it still showed up as being unavailable. Monay did not do anything to help. The whole thing was fishy from the start so I started taking screen shoots of the calendar starting the day I noticed the mistake and funnily enough, the dates of May 12-17 were wide open showing that even the mistaken reservation didn’t exist! Which means anyone could have reserved it during those 6 days. Not surprisingly, she never returned my phone calls or responded to my messages. It appears that she has absolutely no intention of rectifying the situation whatsoever.They had every opportunity to make things fair and instead they took my money and ran and I never even stayed at the condo.

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