Jackson Hole Women's Care

480 S Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

  • Lindsey Carroll   Jul 19, 2021

    Do not waste your time and money going here! It’s bad when even my insurance has their prices as unreasonably high. Here is a quick summary of my story and bad experience. - first time, I went I was told that maybe the dr felt something on the breast exam and told me to schedule with radiology at the hospital. The dr left NO NOTES of this and radiology was confused as to why I was even there. Second opinion there was nothing there thank god. -second time, I went to just get my IUD out. All fine and great. Then I kept bleeding and went back due to a build up on my lining and such, I just needed some meds to get back on track after not having a period for so long. The Dr told me she wanted to test a couple hormones and listed off 3 total. I had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn. She did a FULL fertility test that my insurance does not cover. $970 out of my pocket. A ultrasound sound that took 5 minutes was $360… visiting the drs. Twice was around $410. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE this place is a money grab and they do not care, even the billing gal sneakered at me when I called about the bill. And asked for a itemized bill.

  • Mary Stewart Malone   Dec 07, 2020

    JHWC uses their patients for a money grab. It is horrible and goes against what doctors offices should be. JHWC strong-armed me into paying out of pocket for a procedure that was covered and approved by insurance - without trying to verify and refusing to speak with insurance - as they knew I had no choice as I needed to get the procedure done that day. JHWC - if you'd like to resolve this please reach out to me. I've reached out to JHWC a few times regarding this and have not received a response. Here is my story: This is arguably one of the worst doctor's office visits I've ever had. When I arrived at the doctors office I was told I had to pay out of pocket or they would not perform the procedure, despite my insurance covering it. Mandy in billing said she had never seen insurance cover the procedure and refused to call my insurance for verification. Even though I provided Mandy with the approval code and insurance contact, she still would not call. She was standing on circumstance instead of helping a patient, which is ironic as this is a doctors office. I called my insurance *while I was sitting in the office* and insurance provided the approval verification number and offered to confirm approval directly with JHWC representative, but the receptionist refused to speak to or connect my insurance with JHWC billing. JHWC Financial Policy states that JHWC will call insurance for verification or submit claims on behalf of a patient but this is a policy they refused to extend to me. This is not an office that acts in the best interest of its patients, but instead in interest of its own financial gain. I recommend you seek care elsewhere.

  • Monica Ellis   Aug 07, 2021

    I’ve had a lot of issues with this business. I really don’t recommend after all the troubles Ive dealt with. They not only incorrectly inserted my IUD causing excruciating pain, they also charged me for the follow up of replacing and reinserting it after ensuring me that would not happen. Additionally, Mandy in Billing is absolutely horrible-she incorrectly billed an insurance I don’t have and REFUSED to resubmit the claim with my actual insurance provider. After repeatedly telling Mandy I would not pay an incorrect claim, and that if she would simply resubmit, I’d be happy to pay the correct amount. She refused to respond and has since sent letters to myself and my emergency contact about failure to pay. It’s truly absurd. This practice is a joke, and Mandy-do your freaking job correctly.

  • Trenna Beardall   May 24, 2021

    Dr Girling has delivered two of my babies. She has always gone above and beyond for me. I’d recommend her to anyone in the valley looking for an OB!

  • Zachary Meeink   Aug 07, 2021

    I have multiple female friends who have had unkind things to say about this place specifically the billing department, frequent mistakes and incorrect charges.

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