Jackson Hole Women's Care

480 S Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

  • C S   Apr 01, 2022

    Had a laparoscopic procedure done by Dr George. He was very thorough, spending almost an hour with me during my first appt as I was deciding on whether to have the surgery. The office knew that I was nervous about getting screwed by my insurance and they were very helpful with the billing process. The procedure went flawlessly and I was amazed by my short recovery time. I waited until after the bills came in to write a review to make sure I didn't get any unwelcome surprises. Everything went as planned - thank you Dr George and Womens Health Center!

  • C Pal   Aug 24, 2021

    Been coming here for 19 years. After having bad experiences with a couple of other local doctors I found the Women's Health Center - thank goodness! So I've stuck with them ever since. I'm moving abroad in 4 months and I hope I'll find a group of doctors and nurses as wonderful as the ones at this clinic. I've seen them for a number of things over the years and have always felt comfortable going there. Dr. Vignaroli is my regular doctor, but I've seen a couple of other doctors as well, including Dr. Noyes who is fantastic. The nurses are so sweet and all have a calming presence about them.

  • Gracie Bennett   Jun 02, 2022

    Dr. George is one of the worst doctors I've ever had service from. I told him I have a history of endocrine issues in my family and he immediately entered into a diatribe about the advantages of hormonal birth control. I have a long history of experimenting with this, with horrible results. He did not let me get a word in edgewise or listen to any of my experiences., citing "patient success with the pill," and that, if it was him "he wouldn't want to live in misery." To me, this showed a total lack of understanding for the female experience. I have had little success with hormonal birth control, and neither have any of the women in my life. Throughout my pap smear he gave me no warning before performing parts of the procedure, and I was taken by surprise and in discomfort. He also showed a disregard for the pain and mental suffering involved in both pill birth control and IUD insertion, telling me a "motrin" would do just fine for IUD insertion, which I know to be unequivocally false as do almost all of the women in my life. I have never felt so brushed aside and silenced by a doctor. I left the appointment in tears. Please, do not see this doctor.

  • Tamara Davis   Apr 12, 2023

    Just like the main hospital, I can’t recommend this place to anyone. My first appointment I wanted to get a consultation on birth control. I had been on the pill for a while but I was getting older and hormonal birth control was making me go crazy at times. So I wanted a professional opinion instead of having to just google it.. I got nothing and did end up googling it while I was there. I got an IUD inserted right there and then without being informed how painful it would be and how much of a struggle I would have driving myself home. And yet.. I gave the MD Dr. S. another chance.. second time..he dropped his glove on the dirty floor and yet proceeded to put it on to do the examination. The nurse even saw it.. and said nothing. What kind of doctor does that?! One that shouldn’t be practicing medicine. But hey.. it’s Oklahoma after all right?!

  • Ashley Woods   Feb 02, 2023

    Worst doctor experience I've had... ever. After trying 2 different doctors and 3 attempts to be taken care of by this office, I will NEVER return to this place again. All 3 appointments have ended with me feeling unheard, dismissed, and treated extremely poorly. I will not be returning and would not recommend any woman to subject herself to this environment. Your time and thoughts are not respected, and when a doctor shows up almost an hour late, apparently that makes it appropriate to rush through your gynecological process like you're hardly a human being. I was offered and openly accepted the offer for a NURSE TO BE PRESENT for the procedure... did I get one?? NO... the first procedure I wasn't even offered one! Those were unacceptable experiences the latter of which that left me livid and shaken, even long after. I went there hoping to find a knowledgeable and professional healthcare environment that made me feel safe, yet experience has proven far from what I hoped for... After the response I've received from the office manager, a month an a half after I sent my first complaint, I hope that some serious changes are enforced and overseen for this establishment. My first complaint on google reviews from 11/15/22 was removed... I'll keep a closer eye on this one.

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