Jackson Hole Women’s Care

480 S Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Lindsey Carroll   Jul 19, 2021

    Do not waste your time and money going here! It’s bad when even my insurance has their prices as unreasonably high. Here is a quick summary of my story and bad experience. - first time, I went I was told that maybe the dr felt something on the breast exam and told me to schedule with radiology at the hospital. The dr left NO NOTES of this and radiology was confused as to why I was even there. Second opinion there was nothing there thank god. -second time, I went to just get my IUD out. All fine and great. Then I kept bleeding and went back due to a build up on my lining and such, I just needed some meds to get back on track after not having a period for so long. The Dr told me she wanted to test a couple hormones and listed off 3 total. I had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn. She did a FULL fertility test that my insurance does not cover. $970 out of my pocket. A ultrasound sound that took 5 minutes was $360… visiting the drs. Twice was around $410. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE this place is a money grab and they do not care, even the billing gal sneakered at me when I called about the bill. And asked for a itemized bill.

  • Ben   Mar 01, 2023

    To be clear - Dr Girling and her nursing staff is absolutely fabulous - billing aka Mandy is impossible to work with and openly rude - all other reviews on this are 100% accurate.

  • Hannah Navarro   Oct 06, 2022

    JHWC was awesome today! I needed to been seen and they were able to get me on the schedule two days later. I was very happy with the attention I recieved, the Nurse Practitioner that saw me was kind and understanding. The team worked together nicely to get me in and out without alot of time waiting alone in the exam room.

  • Erica Holly Mazzeo   Mar 19, 2021

    Jackson Hole Women's Care has been such a wonderful place for me and my family. Dr. Mellijor-Figg took the time and patience to get to know me and help me along my pregnancy path. She is attentive, empathetic, caring and a wonderful doctor. Dr. Girling was also very helpful and they worked wonderfully together to make my family's experience seamless. Lucy at the front desk has been wonderful as well! The staff is great. If you're looking for a nurturing obgyn I would highly recommend Dr. Mellijor-Figg!

  • Shanna g   Mar 08, 2023

    Just wanted to say that I love and appreciate Dr. Girling (and Mellijor). I've never had an issue and Dr Girling has always been kind and helpful. Sad to see you leave but I wish you the best and thank you for everything ❤️

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