Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, South Willow Street, Jackson, WY, USA

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  • Arnold Berry   Jul 08, 2023

    Cool folks- I’ve volunteered with them a few times now

  • Kimer S   Feb 03, 2024

    I lost contact with my friend Greg Griffith many years ago. As I sat online and did a search, I was shocked to find out that my friend lost his life in an auto accident. Greg and I served in the Marine Corps together. I say this not because he is no longer with us but because it is true. I have never, in my now, 61 years of life, met anyone like Greg. I respected that man and his ambition more than anyone I’ve ever met. He and I went on a few adventures together. Nothing huge, as the Corps demanded too much of our time for that. But we went to Northern California where the big redwoods are and did a lot of climbing, caving and repelling. We also climbed/walked to the top of Mount Fuji. I would have liked to have went with him on his adventure hiking the complete Appalachian Trail but he got out of the Marine Corps before I did and I was married. This all made it too difficult to do. I have many very good memories of my time with this man. I think about him often. You are blessed if you ever knew him. Anytime I’m ever faced with an obstacle, I try and think “how would Greg handle this”? I know very little about your foundation. But here is a 5 star rating from me because I believed in Greg so much. God bless you all.

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