Jackson Hole Whitewater

Jackson Hole Whitewater Jackson Wyoming 83001-0125

Jackson Hole Whitewater is a small family-run rafting company guiding scenic and whitewater floats since 1963. JHWW offers trips for all ages and experience levels from May through September.

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  • Joshua Daniell   Jul 14, 2022

    Just look at the smiles on these faces. I took a bachelor party trip to Jackson and decided to do some whitewater rafting. I'm from WV and have done some rafting on the New River. The Snake is great and the scenery is beautiful; I'd recommend for new and experienced rafters!

  • Ami Daniels   Aug 03, 2021

    What a fun filled experience with our guide, OWEN. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, and had a great eye for wildlife. Some of the things I would've missed if Owen hadn't pointed them out...a mated pair of bald eagles, a juvenile bald eagle, 2 marmot, 2 beaver, and an osprey! This was within an hour and a half! He did a great job of gauging the groups level of confidence to allow us the rapids experience that best suited our team. P.S., my research showed this was also the most affordable trip, especially considering the years of experience all of their guides have to offer. Check out the wall behind the beverages if you don't believe me. Their stories will show you. From the front desk, to the driver, to every guide I met, the energy was through the roof. They came to give you the best experience, and also a safe one. Again, see the wall to see the safety experience/certifications. Also, the bus acts as your locker, so if you want to bring that bag of towels, your wallet and keys, they are kept safely in your seat or above and the driver doesn't leave to make sure all items are secure. You won't regret this decision!

  • Andrew Barch   Jul 16, 2022

    Absolutely amazing time with JHWW. Rollie was our guide. He was amazing and great with the kids. We fell out of the boat at Big Kuhuna and couldn’t have loved it more. We now have an amazing experience and story to tell for the rest of our lives. Truly grateful for a wonderful time.

  • Jeremiah Tanner   Jul 16, 2022

    Our combo ride package set sail on 7/14/22. Family gathering of 14 split between two rafts. The scenic float was relaxing and educational. They provided lunch (turkey sandwiches, cookie, and fruit or veggie snack) and water. The rolls used for the sandwiches were excellent. Our guides Tristan and KC were phenomenal. KC even talked the youngest in the group to go with us through the rapids. Had only one person go overboard. But at the end of the fun all crew survived and counted. As Lilo says, "No One Gets Left Behind, Or Forgotten." End of day everyone wants to go again with huge smiles and grins. Thank you JHWW and a big shout out to our guides Tristan and KC.

  • NurseNat 22   Aug 26, 2022

    Rollie was a good guide. The staff in the office were friendly and helpful. Our trip was a success! This was definitely a mild rapids river. A lot of the time was just floating the river so it's a good trip for little ones/first timers but not necessarily a thrill seeker. Overall, would recommend Jackson Hole Whitewater!

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