Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association

Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association Teton Village Wyoming 83025-0415

The Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association started in 1993 with the goal of using horses for healing. Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity intended to support the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals of all ages. Since its humble beginning, the organization has grown and now resides in its own dedicated arena with 11 horses. It offers programs for people with a wide range of disabilities and cognitive learning needs, as well as occupational therapy, programs for veterans, and activities for those who simply love to ride horses

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  • Jason Lin   Feb 16, 2020

    Excellent infrastructure with trams, gondolas and high speed quads. The snow is light and dry powder. If you’re fortunate enough to visit after the resort gets snow you are in for some nice buttery powder conditions. Visibility can be an issue at times especially at the top. The trails are mainly blues and blacks. And he terrain is generally challenging. Had a great time and really enjoy my trip.

  • Alex Palomino   Feb 26, 2020

    Jackson was stunning. No fresh snow when visiting (blue bird!), but the mountain is incredible. The amount of exposure offered throughout the mountain results in continuously amazing views. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the best, most available on-mountain dining / restroom facilities I've seen.

  • Whitney Durham   Jan 14, 2020

    So, I actually loved Jackson, but I feel like it just isn't quite the experience that my favorite one star resort is. I loved the rocky terrain. It added so much to the fun of powder skiing. Also the tree skiing was fantastic. The trees are almost perfectly spaced for taking quick aggressive lines through them. I didn't like the parking situation however. Paid lots, and I felt like there wasn't a ton of area at the base that you could just hang out and chill while getting warmed up. Also the village seems to much like a developers dream of what a ski resort should be. While Jackson the city is just amazing, but still a bit of a drive from the resort.

  • Andrea Wu   Feb 22, 2020

    I came here for a weekend to snowboard, and it was quite great! Conditions weren't great either day, but it was still enjoyable once I found the good snow. The resort is a bit small and I really dislike the traverses, and the signs aren't clear for the paths (I ended up traverses because of that). The terrain is quite good though as they're wide. There are also a lot of closed gondolas, so I didn't have to sit in the cold on chair lifts. Some of the chair lift rides don't allow single riders due to wind though, and one of the ones I tried to go on didn't have anyone there so I couldn't take it since I went there solo. Anyway, my experience here was quite good. The green runs were really flat but I didn't get stuck on any of them, and the blue runs were really steep, could be black in other resorts. I would recommend it! A downside is the public transit isn't free like in a lot of resorts in Colorado and Utah, and the buses also aren't frequent.

  • Ishel Hertz   Feb 10, 2020

    This resort was so much fun to ski at. The parking was very easy, we parked at the ranch lot for free since we had more than three people in our car and then took the free shuttle over to the resort. We rode the tram up the mountain and skied all weekend. The pizza place at the resort was delicious, and it was really fun shopping for souvenirs and t-shirts at the gift shop. The ski patrol staff were very kind and helpful. The lifts were easy to get on and off on the slopes. Since there was so much snow it was a very busy weekend and the lifts were very crowded with people. But overall it was a really fun weekend in Jackson hole. The views are beautiful at the top of the mountains and as you ski down you can see the whole valley if the sky is clear. The tram was really fun to ride up the mountain but we did have to wait an hour in line just to get on. The cat tracks are very easy to maneuver and I never felt like I was lost at the resort because I could see helpful signs guiding the way.

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