Jackson Hole Super 8

750 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Alexis Kus   Jun 23, 2022

    PRICE- Well this was one of the more expensive hotels we have stayed at and we've been to Chicago and Toronto while staying downtown. It makes sense to be so expensive though just due to the fact there is two National Parks around as well as a National Refuge. LOCATION- It is right next door to a movie theater, a Maverik(gas), as well as some independent places. Down the street a little bit is a target which we did not go inside but from the outside it seems very nice. ROOMS- The hotel is definitely dated. The bathroom floors squeak and you can hear noises from the rooms around you. We stayed on the top floor so there was none above us yet it certainly sounded like there was which was strange. The rooms and bathrooms were clean though so no complaints on that end. The beds were tidy and the furniture was all dusted with nothing wrong with it. PARKING LOT- Since the hotel shares a lot with the movie theater it can be really hectic. The parking lot its own isn't friendly then add people rushing to get out from the movie and it gets dangerous. So be careful where you park and when you arrive. BREAKFAST- The breakfast is simple nothing elaborate. You can get juice, muffins, granolas, and yogurt. So not the usual hotel breakfast but still good enough.

  • Joan Martin   Jun 02, 2022

    We had a bad experience at our previous Super 8 by Wyndham in Gardiner MT, so we would not have stayed at this place if we hadn't booked so far in advance and had another option. It was located in a "strip mall," and the sign for the hotel was placed after the entrance, when traveling south! We almost missed the left turn. The room looked better than the previous one. But, my husband sat down in the only cushioned chair in the room and leaned back, and the back of it almost fell out. He told the person at the desk, and the employee was already aware of the bad condition of the chairs. It could have caused a back injury or head injury if the back of the chair completely broke free. The shower drain latch didn't work, so the tub filled up when showering. Bathroom door latch didn't work, so door wouldn't stay shut tight. Our floor and the floor above us creaked when walking on them, so we were awakened at 5 am by the people above us walking around. Snack machine on first floor was 3/4 empty. The grab & go breakfast offered more than the Gardiner MT Super 8 by Wyndham. There were fresh fruit options and granola bars in addition to the muffins, coffee and tea, and juice. But we bought instant oatmeal from a grocery store, since it wasn't available at the hotel, and realized there were no bowls supplied to make it in the microwave. The cups they supplied were not microwavable. The clothing rack in the room was hung crooked. The toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom was so close to the strip of counter above the toilet that I hit my elbow reaching for it the first time. The price of $227 per night for this room is exorbitant!

  • Michael Watson   Jun 24, 2022

    Hotel staff was very helpful. However, breakfast was very limited. Also, no silverware, plates, and trays. Building is poorly marked with just a big 8 listed by the door. The sign by the road is closer to a different building. Needs better signage. Max was very helpful with fixing the broken air conditioner unit. In the end, needed to move us to a different room.

  • Eric Cadger   Jul 01, 2022

    We just stayed one night at this Super 8 in Jackson Hole. The room was a little dated, especially for the price, but it was still nice. The bed was very comfortable and the linens were clean. The door on the bathroom was a little hard to open and close, but it didn't bother us. They have a continental breakfast with oranges, bananas, small muffins, granola bars, coffee, orange juice, and apple juice. The coffee was really good and they have a couple flavored creamers and different kinds of sugars. The hotel shares a parking lot with the movie theater so there is a lot of parking.

  • Dennis Obie   Jul 17, 2022

    Yikes. 300 dollars for what really is a Super 8 hotel. My advice is spend a couple hundred more and stay in some place nicer. This place is badly in need of an update. Everything felt dirty. The bed. The linens. The carpets. The bathrooms etc. The breakfast is grab and go items. Nothing hot but the coffee. No elevator (which means carrying your luggage up a small set of stairs). The service personnel seemed bothered that I asked for an extra pillow (even though only three were provided on the bed -- two people sleeping would make more sense to provide 4). Anyway as I said before pick some where else. Spend more and hopefully find something better. Also the air conditioning did not actually condition the air. We kept waiting for it to get cold. It did not.

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