Jackson Hole Still Works

Jackson Hole Still Works Jackson Wyoming 83001

Jackson Hole Still Works is Jackson Hole’s only local craft distillery. Come on by for a tasting, a tour, and a cocktail or sloshie!

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  • Rob Furia   Oct 10, 2020

    Tasting was great. Sloshies afterwards were better.

  • Greg Siemens   Mar 03, 2020

    Stopped in just before closing and had an incredible tasting/tour of the facilities. They put a lot of passion in to their product and the results are obvious. I wish we could get their gins in Canada.

  • Laura Chestnut   Sep 23, 2020

    Their sloshies are sooo good. We tried the Lemonade/Lavendar ginger. Excellent vodka and gin for sale. Close to the restaurant The Bird if you want to make a little side trip. Well worth the stop

  • Jessica S   Mar 02, 2020

    Stopped by on our way through Jackson Hole. Incredible gin. These guys are doing something special here. Owners and staff are friendly. Enjoyed a great tasting and purchased a bottle. Good stuff!

  • thane stielow   Mar 21, 2020

    Travis gave an interesting, informative, and engaging tour. It's clear upon talking with service industry folks in the area that they're a vital part of the community. As a former server and bartender of 20 years (read: I've had a lot of booze), I can say that their spirits are among the finest that I've tasted, at least in terms of clear liquors. I'm genuinely saddened that their rye whiskey wasn't ready, when we visited. Both gins are nothing less than astonishingly good. Go there. Buy their product. You'll be glad you did.

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