Jackson Hole Still Works

Jackson Hole Still Works Jackson Wyoming 83001

Jackson Hole Still Works is Jackson Hole’s only local craft distillery. Come on by for a tasting, a tour, and a cocktail or sloshie!

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  • Drew Clayton   Aug 08, 2019

    Absolutely worth a visit while in town. I came in solo, and Travis gave me the full tour, with plenty of opportunity to nerd out over the science and the love of good spirits. I bought bottles of the vodka and gin, and I’m not normally a gin drinker — this stuff reframed my notions about what gin is. The vodka has so much character, almost like a whiskey, but lighter, of course. They’re both great for sipping; I wouldn’t want to lose their quality in a cocktail.

  • LB’s and Lulu   Aug 31, 2022

    Found this gem as a Harvest Host members. JHSW Vodka is crisp, clean and smooth; crafted from Wyoming farmed corn and oats. Enjoy it as it is or in your favorite cocktail. Also well known for Great Grey Gin and Absaroka Double Cask Gin 49. Lulu’s preference was the H2O label. (ruff 🐾) Still Works Vodka label features artwork from our annual Spirit of Wyoming artist competition that serves as a significant fundraising effort for The Art Association of Jackson Hole.

  • Emily   Sep 04, 2023

    Great spirits and great people. And the sloshies were amazing! Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area!

  • AJ Bishop   Feb 04, 2024

    Great young distillery. They make high quality, unique products with and maintain a great appreciation for their roots and customers. Amazingly friendly and inviting staff who knows their stuff. I can't wait to visit again and get more Absaroka

  • Jordan A   Nov 03, 2023

    I recently had the pleasure of taking a distillery tour with the owner, and it was an exceptional experience. The owner's passion and knowledge for their craft shone through in every aspect of the tour. I learned so much about the distillation process and the history of the distillery. The tastings were a highlight, with a variety of delicious spirits to sample. The personalized attention and insights from the owner made this tour truly memorable. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in spirits and the art of distillation.

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