Jackson Hole Still Works

Jackson Hole Still Works Jackson Wyoming 83001

Jackson Hole Still Works is Jackson Hole’s only local craft distillery. Come on by for a tasting, a tour, and a cocktail or sloshie!

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  • thane stielow   Mar 21, 2020

    Travis gave an interesting, informative, and engaging tour. It's clear upon talking with service industry folks in the area that they're a vital part of the community. As a former server and bartender of 20 years (read: I've had a lot of booze), I can say that their spirits are among the finest that I've tasted, at least in terms of clear liquors. I'm genuinely saddened that their rye whiskey wasn't ready, when we visited. Both gins are nothing less than astonishingly good. Go there. Buy their product. You'll be glad you did.

  • A.K. Bennett   May 09, 2021

    Fun, informative tour! Sloshies were excellent.

  • Jesse O'Connell   Jun 14, 2021

    Came in from TMR for a tasting. Just had a blast with Emily, Eric and Chaz. Grassroots booze straight outta JH. Sloshies were awesome. Eric was super informative and the rest of the staff was super friendly and informative. SUPPORT THESE GUYS!!!! We hope they come out and see us!

  • Russell Anthony   Aug 01, 2021

    Amazing tasting experience. Found this place after another tasting was cancelled on us. So glad. So much fun learning the history of their products, especially the Absaroka. Highly, HIGHLY recommend. Slooshies are great on a warm day too - Mexican chocolate cake for the win!

  • Neeka Robertson   Oct 16, 2021

    We stopped in while on our honeymoon looking for a seal for our bourbon bottle we traveled with. They were so welcoming and helpful. We bought a bottle of Absaroka after an offer to taste test it. It’s now a staple in our house. Highly recommend swinging by if you’re in Jackson.

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