Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience Jackson Wyoming 83002-

Want a unique activity for your family? We offer safe, fun and educational multi-gun shooting experiences, making YOU the hero of your vacation!

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  • Austin Kane   Oct 25, 2018

    Awesome Awesome Awesome! Shepherd analyzed my poor shooting habits, explained the root cause(s) and demonstrated simple drills to fix them. Even better, the majority of the drills are non-firing and can be practiced again and again.

  • Andy Zimmerman   Sep 13, 2018

    I went to the Pre-Hunt Rifle and Shooter Tuneup and could not have been more impressed with the professionalism and expertise from Shepard and Steve! It was a fun long range shooting experience that I will not forget. Thanks for taking my shooting skills to the next level!

  • Tim Rieser   May 13, 2018

    I went for a day long conceal carry class. It was a great day between classroom and range firing. Shepard was great. He made the class fun and a great learning experience all at once. His warm personality and great teaching style made for a great day. Thanks!

  • Justin Marlen   May 15, 2018

    I took part in the Concealed Carry class offered here. The classroom portions of the day were full of good discussion and the range time was fun and instructional. The instructors were safety-oriented and very professional. I would recommend this business for anyone interested in developing their shooting skills.

  • Gal Bar-or   Aug 20, 2018

    There’s nothing like a day in the wilderness in my experience - whether it’s the desert, the mountains or offshore. It settles the mind and focuses you in ways you can’t find in the rush of day to day life. To make it perfect, what if I can add a memorable and important experience to that day in the wilderness? And what if I can make the experience smooth and easy at the same time? That’s just what JHSE’s Nomad Rifleman is. Combine the experience of being in the Wyoming backcountry - miles of scenic views and not another soul around - with learning to shoot extended long range. Top that off with five-star service, food and a staff of knowledgeable and gracious hosts, and you get the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience Nomad Rifleman day. And at the end of the day, I managed to locate, DOPE and hit targets from 700 yards all the way to 1860 yards. I’m not sure what you think of a one mile shot. I thought I couldn’t do it - my home gun range only goes to 600 yards, and that’s as far as I’d hunt, so shooting this far seemed out of the realm of possibility for me. However, thanks to the patient ministrations of world-class long range shooting instructors Scott Austin, Steve Marsteller and Shepard Humphries, I not only hit the target, but was able to come back later the same day on my own, dial in my own DOPE, and hit the same 1860 yard target two more times. And as a prize, we were fed a fantastic lunch, cooked on site, complete with fresh peach cobbler!