Jackson Hole Restaurant

232 E 64th St A, New York, NY 10021, USA

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  • Nicola Collins   Oct 25, 2023

    Not my 1st time here ordering for pick up, delivery and take out😊 First service I love it 🫶I love those burgers 🍔 and fries 🍟. I am such a burger girl. The burgers are so fulling and delicious 😋. The atmosphere is pretty decent and good vibes 😎 DEFINITELY recommend you won’t be disappointed 🫶

  • Omer Hayun   Aug 25, 2023

    These burgers are sooooo good. One of my favorite burger places in the city. I especially love the Santa Fe burger. All the portions are huge and very generous. Love their steak fries as well. Very recommended!

  • jason miles   Oct 20, 2023

    I love this place! The reason for 4 stars is that there is not much space inside. It can get a little cramped when it's busy. Everything shares the same space. You may have to dodge a speedy employee on your way to the bathroom. The food is AWESOME! On my latest visit I had a Mac and Cheese burger. I had my doubts about it after I ordered it. My golly! It was delicious! Jackson Hole is well known for it's big burgers. This on was smothered in Truffle mac and cheese. There was barely any room for my steak fries. I have been eating here for years and they never disappoint. If you're in town or looking for the perfect burger, look no further. They have many to choose from!

  • David H   Nov 20, 2023

    I came around 6pm on a Saturday and the place was at capacity. It didnt take long to get a seat, I chose the bar because its cool you get to see them making your burger. Staff is really caring about customer service and they were all prompt and attentive. I remember I was squeezing the ketchup and it ran out but somehow the cook- while taking so many orders was able to hear it and ordered someone else to pass me a new bottle. I was amazed lol also before I sat down the bar was wiped super clean, it was such a comfy place to be in! Anyways I ordered a classic burger, beet salad and the baldouni burger and everything was perfect and fresh. Cant wait to go back and will be trying a milk shake next😎

  • Wired With Walsh   Feb 25, 2024

    I’ve been in this area so many times and even worked up here and I can’t believe I’ve never been in this location before. I was really missing something. I especially loved all the iconic Americano or Americore kind of John Wayne fuel to the place. The food is a bit meat heavy but it has great options for vegans and vegetarians. I was very happy with the veggie burger and they have cauliflower buffalo chicken wings as well. The potato salad and the coleslaw were excellent and the steak fries can’t be beat.

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