Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

3395 Cody Ln, Teton Village, WY 83025

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the longest continuous vertical rise of any ski area in the U.S., rising 4,139 feet from the valley floor to the top of Rendezvous Mountain!

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  • Erick Thompson   Jan 16, 2021

    Awesome experience overall. Had a wonderful guided Backcountry adventure with Dave the man Van Ham! Some of the best riding of my life after 19 years of snowboarding all over the country! Can't wait to come back!

  • Halø Bear   Feb 08, 2021

    Super super amazing resort! I’ve always had good snow, good food, and good times. Although it is a pricey place to go, I believe it is worth it. I do highly recommend!

  • Mark Hakim   Sep 09, 2020

    So much fun!!!! Goes up to 9000 feet up

  • Timothy Amerling   Jan 26, 2021

    One of the greatest destination ski places in North America, perhaps the best in the USA. The town of Jackson and the village and the area give you a very "middle of nowhere wild west vibe". But you still have access to modern convinces with two large grocery stores, lots of tourism activities, and classic Jackson stuff in there small town, but just a half hour out of the town there is just you and the beauty of the valley.

  • Steven Birney   Jan 25, 2021

    In all of the places I’ve been in my life the Teton county area is still the most beautiful. Jackson hole mountain resort is a place I would recommend to anyone for vacation. For snowboarding/skiing they have a massive amount of fast lifts and well maintained slopes everyone is very friendly and helpful and the views are so beautiful it’s hard to believe.

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