Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum

Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum Jackson Wyoming 83001-1005

Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum tells the stories of Jackson Hole that connect people to the history of this valley and region. We steward and share artifacts and ideas that foster curiosity and continual learning, forge connections, and inform our 21st century dialogue.

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  • K RV   Dec 14, 2022

    Small museum with lots of artifacts, books and information about Jackson Hole.

  • Joseph Greco   Oct 16, 2022

    The highlights are the interesting artifacts and exhibits for those unfamiliar with the history of this part of the country. That said, a little small and underwhelming for the price though ($10/adult Oct 2022). Grab a flyer at the welcome center across the street for $1 off the admission price (we found that out too late 😂).

  • Om Terr   Jan 10, 2023

    Welcoming attitude by the employees, the museum is also very information packed with oodles to discover. It was a pleasure learning more about wonderful Jackson hole!

  • Stephanie Watts   Jul 25, 2022

    Wonderful educational experience in Jackson! Staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the history of the area. There was a wonderful traveling exhibit of the woman from Jackson Hole including the woman's basketball team from 1910. I would recommend stopping by when in the area.

  • Stephen G   Sep 17, 2022

    An interesting pocket museum. They have tried to make it interesting and fun and almost succeed. It strikes one as a bit disjointed without enough explanations of exhibits. Kind of like it just grew as someone brought some new item in. It does give a flavor of the area and explains a bit of some of the towns father's. Ps they charge $8 per person.

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