Jackson Hole Health & Fitness

838 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Blake Hawkes   Jun 17, 2023

    I'm "one of those guys" that misses my home gyms while I am on vacation, so I decided to check out Jackson Hole Health & Fitness this time around in Jackson. We have been visiting Jackson Hole regularly for over 30 years, but this is the first time I have worked out at JHH&F. $20 is a little steep for a day pass, but I wanted a solid workout, and JHH&F filled the bill. The space is relatively small, but all the essential equipment was there, and in clean, great working order. The check-in process was quick and easy, the staff was great, and the vibe was friendly but "gym serious", which I love. Next time in Jackson Hole, I'll definitely stop by JH&H again! Absolutely recommended.

  • ryan bruno   Mar 04, 2024

    Use to go here while working in jackson. Prices were not bad at all. Keep in mind this is the town where the millionaires fondle the billionaires and worship green pieces of monopoly money. 150 a month for a broom closet, the smell of bo is crazy. I know it's a gym, proper ventilation would help when 15-25 people are squeezed a small cubicle. For working class I'd suggest adjustable db's and bands at hotel room.

  • Jessica Nelson   Feb 20, 2023

    Do NOT go to this gym. Their staff is unhelpful and clearly needs better training as they told me my membership was cancelled but months later I've continued to be charged. When speaking to the owner/manager, Jesse, he was rude, tried to speak over me, and offered no resolution for a refund or not even an apology. Zero accountability for their unprofessional tactics and misinformation. They will rip you off!! Looking forward to Teton Sports Club reopening so I can join a gym that actually has class and customer service skills. 🖕👎

  • Jairo Rosales   Nov 19, 2023

    I called the gym to get my membership cancelled because I was leaving town for a few months but they never cancelled it. I got a call 3 months later that the payment for the gym membership that I "cancelled” didn't go through. When I lost my credit card they called me and that’s when I realize they were still charging me and had 3 months charged. I asked for a refund and they refused to give it to me, instead they started to threaten me to send the bill to collections and ruin my credit score or get the police involved... very rude staff and unprofessional this also happen to my friend when he left town and my girlfriend when she went to college. I don't recommend this gym unprofessional staff system.

  • J Baric   Apr 11, 2024

    Overall, a good fitness option for locals, however, a few tweaks could be made. First, the cancellation policy a lot of reviewers are complaining about is STANDARD for gyms (I worked membership at a gym for 4 years). If you don’t want to pay your membership starting May 1st, go in and cancel it before April 1st. Simple. Second, this gym does get pretty crowded after work and it does end in wait times, usually I find something else to do until machine becomes available. There is a problem with 30+ year old gym bros wandering away from equipment to talk to friends and then telling others to get off when they leave zero personal items indicating. Running out of benches & racks are a common problem, I would suggest adding more benches into the far dumbbell room, and adding a second rack next to the existing instead of the equipment there that rarely gets used. I would love to have a place for deadlifting, and trap bar so you don’t have to fit in with everyone doing upper body. I also would love to see a trap bar extension!! The girls working the front desk are very nice!

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