Jackson Hole Book Trader

Jackson Hole Book Trader, West Broadway, Jackson, WY, USA

  • The Gas Station Cowgirl CO.   Mar 05, 2019

    This book store is a beautiful gem of a find! Super cosy, there is a comfy reading area, fireplace and a great range of books. I love collecting antique books and always find something special here. They also have childrens reading here. The ladies that run this store are awesome, they have a great knowledge of books and I love stopping by every chance i get.

  • Jill Vosberg   Aug 08, 2021

    We found this little gem of a bookstore while camping in GTNP. We were warmly welcomed, the kids very much enjoyed the kid space and we found a great selection of books to choose from!

  • Shelby Fox   Jul 04, 2022

    Pretty cool place. Used and new books. Had a huge outdoor, local history, naturalist type section.

  • Liv S.   Jul 12, 2022

    One of the best bookstores I've ever been to! It has such a variety of genres, authors, etc. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend!

  • Austin Wolf   May 11, 2019

    What a treasure! This quaint local bookseller is a delight to browse through and unwind while reading a book on the outdoor patio. They carry new arrivals, classics, children's books, artwork, and rare first editions. Great atmosphere with friendly staff. Parking is limited but I was able to park at the front door. Prices competitive with online retailers, but so much better since you can touch the books & smell the pages. Wonderful. Thank you for having the mother's day gift I was looking for.

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