Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport Jackson Wyoming 83001-0159

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  • Ingrid Kacaniova   Jun 16, 2023

    The most beautiful local airport. It is specially decorated with wood and statues of local animals. Car rental companies are also in the same hall. Arriving by plane to Jacson Hole airport is also a lifetime event if you arrive during sunset and sit next to the windows. If course you must be blessed by great weather. The whole airport is put into nature sensitively, nothing disturbing, no modern full glass pompese building. You hardly guess from the road there is any airport there.

  • Mini Rag   Jul 09, 2023

    Having been at over a hundred airports, Jackson takes the cake. From the accessibility to the amenities to the cleanliness to the ease of in and out.. Oh and that view of the Grand Teaton! Amazing. There are individual bathrooms, and larger ones. I think they have more chargers strewn about than people to use them. And lots of different types of seating. There is a small walk to the plane, one more chance for an Instagram worthy picture. 🤣

  • John Lin   Jul 14, 2023

    Beautiful, clean, and modern airport. Plenty of AC power plugs and USB charging ports. Everything (your carry-on luggage) goes into a bin when you go through TSA screening. Be sure to stack your bins after you go through TSA - they are Nazis about it. Dedicated space for moms and pets is a nice touch. Loved the ability to walk onto the tarmac to board the plane. If you have heavy carry-ons, you may find it difficult to lug it onboard if you are physically challenged. Consider checking your luggage. There is even a free library! This is now one of my favorite airports.

  • Steven Cheng   Sep 22, 2023

    With Great Teton as the backdrop, this is a very beautiful small airport that serves as the gateway to two of the most beautiful, popular national parks! Very easy to navigate to and from this airport. Few of the car rental companies are within the airport, few other may need to take the shuttle to the rental car lot! AA, UA, Alaska Airlines, Delta all have direct flights from various cities throughout the US! TSA check points also vary quickly and easily to go through!

  • Alfonso de la Fuente   Sep 13, 2023

    I love this airport, so charming and easygoing, you don't feel like leaving. Staff very nice and close, unusual in the USA, a fantastic hall and beautiful to just watch. The most amazing views I've ever got from an airplane taking off, with the Gran Teton behind it makes it very special. Also, since there is not much traffic, expect no long queues or never-ending corridors. At night, there will be about 2-3 taxis outside, keep that in mind if you don't have a ride

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