Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport Jackson Wyoming 83001-0159

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  • N Longoria   Dec 23, 2022

    Really small airport. Be prepared to walk outside onto the tarmac and climb a ramp or stairs to board your plane. Limited selection of snacks/drinks and IMO really overpriced even for an airport. $15 for a sandwich. The plus side was most seats in the waiting area had an outlet to plug in and they had a nice fire with a few comfy seats if lucky enough to get one.

  • 攀岩   Jul 25, 2022

    Small and beautiful. Can get out really quickly without any hassle The time needed to go through severity is minimum (around 10min) for our flight at 8am. Arrival at 7am is far more than enough for our experience. The security officers here seemed to be more strict comparing to some other airports, though. They allow you to go back out to drink liquid that is too much to go through. Arrival flight was even easier. We got our checked in bags as soon we walked off the plane.

  • Alex Orchilles   Jan 29, 2023

    Free mimosas upon arrival? Sign me up! Great experience at this airport from the arrival to the departure. Very organized, clean, friendly staff, and nicely decorated. Decent selection for a last minute bite or drink even though it’s a small airport, as well. I recommend bringing a jacket during the winter though because you will have to walk outside to board your plane. Overall great experience though!

  • A Treat   Sep 24, 2022

    Out West... this is my favorite airport. Sure it's small and the 'restaurant' is a snack bar. But its SO easy to get in and out of. Everything is just right and the views are spectacular!

  • Kara Smith   Apr 03, 2022

    Clean, new and beautiful airport, but not totally practical. With a couple flights being delayed there weren’t enough seats for everyone. The airport also has only one 4-seat bar and a sandwich shop so being stuck here for longer periods isn’t ideal. Otherwise nice airport with one of the coolest views.

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