Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals

Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals Jackson Wyoming 83001

Family owned and operated since 2007, JH Adventure Rentals is the adventure rental superstore of the valley. With two locations and easy access to Granite Hot Springs and Togwotee, Jh Adventure stocks the latest equipment and everything you’d need for the ultimate snow adventure.


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  • Caleb Goettl   Aug 24, 2020

    Awesome experience! Friendly and very knowledgable staff. We did the half day rental on the trails near town and they explained everything in detail prior to us heading out. The machines worked great and we had stunning views of Jackson Hole and surrounding mountains. Thank you Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals!

  • Marcus Rosa   Sep 04, 2020

    We had an all day side by side rental for 4. The entire experience was great- from pick up to drop off and in between. They provided us with a detailed map and gave us more instructions and pointers prior to our departure. We did several creek and river crossings, getting drenched completely. We dried out as we picniced on the large rocks by the river. It was awesome. Highly recommend!!

  • Ethan Peak   Aug 03, 2020

    Very friendly staff. Had an awesome time with a full day side by side rental.

  • The Taco Nyan Cat Gamer   Jul 15, 2020

    It was a great experience and something my husband and I could do with our daughter as a family all together!

  • Sheila   Sep 05, 2020

    The ‘owner’ or whoever waited on us, seriously needs a course in customer service. I get it. He responds to many repeat questions. We were new to tackling ATV side-by-sides but found no comfort with his spiel. His demeanor was grumpy & sarcastic. Nevertheless, our group enjoyed ourselves and if you want an adventurous trek into the Natural Elk Refuge, you won’t regret it. Be prepared for a LOT of dust and bumps though! We were on the 4 hour tour. The ‘upper’ trek became quite narrow and rugged! I guess that’s what adventurous people like! Just would have been a lot better to have a friendly approach from the get-go.

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