Jackson Drug

Jackson Drug, East Deloney Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Jackson Drug is a historic and iconic soda fountain and drug store located on the north side of the Town Square in Jackson. Many long-time Jackson Hole locals have fond memories of rushing there after school to get a root beer float and gossip with friends, or eating a hot pretzel at the counter on a bright winter day. It was started by Bruce Porter in 1919 on the east side of the Square, and moved into the famous stone building on the north side of the square in 1937. It operated continuously until 2001. The building was then sold and a furniture business moved into the space. But in 2010 the Gill family repurchased the building and reopened Jackson Drug last year. A century has gone by and the revamped drugstore/diner is still famous for its milkshakes and fries, and also serves homemade ice cream and excellent burgers made from beef from the family’s ranch.

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  • Steve Briggs   Aug 18, 2023

    All I ate was ice cream and was it good. I'm sure the food is good even though I didn't eat anything but ice cream. Other costumers said it was very good . Don't miss this place.

  • Desi M   Jun 26, 2023

    We enjoyed elk, bison and beef burgers while here. All were excellent! The kids Mac and cheese was okay (nothing special). Service was slow and just okay. There was a bathroom out of order which created a long line and the other bathroom had water all over the floor. Just a little extra upkeep would help. Overall the food was good though!

  • Christopher Steele   Aug 16, 2023

    I'm not picking on it I just wasn't like, wow this is incredible. I had the regular smash burger and it was good, but it was just a hamburger I could get anywhere. Still a good place to eat. The bathrooms on the other hand hadn't been touched in who knows when. There are 2 universal bathrooms available. One was completely out of hand soap and the trashcan was overflowing. Do you know how long it takes to fill a trashcan up that size? The other one was just as bad. I know, because my daughter used it. I don't expect white glove clean, but It was nasty. They automatically charged us 18% gratuity too because we had 5 in our family. I always tip 20%, but not this time. I gave a 4star on service only because I got a Coke and never got a refill.

  • Andreas Miller   Jun 25, 2023

    I had a phenomenal experience at this restaurant! It’s 5 stars due to the exceptional milkshakes that flawlessly captured the nostalgic malt flavor often absent in today's dining scene. It was an absolute delight! Moreover, the burgers were incredibly delicious, and the service felt genuinely personal. Our server, who hailed from Europe, went the extra mile to make us feel welcome and well-cared for. While it's worth noting that the wait times can be a bit lengthy, the quality of the food and the overall experience make it well worth the wait. All in all, a fantastic place to dine!

  • Tegan Grzegorczyk   Jul 29, 2023

    This has got to be the best place to get a burger in Jackson. The burgers were amazing! Great fries and tots, and excellent homemade BBQ. The drinks were stellar! I’ve never had such a smooth whiskey mule. We couldn’t believe how fast the service was, especially at the 5 o’clock hour. Our server was very friendly! Also, a great view of the antler arches.

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