Jackson Drug

Jackson Drug, East Deloney Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Jackson Drug is a historic and iconic soda fountain and drug store located on the north side of the Town Square in Jackson. Many long-time Jackson Hole locals have fond memories of rushing there after school to get a root beer float and gossip with friends, or eating a hot pretzel at the counter on a bright winter day. It was started by Bruce Porter in 1919 on the east side of the Square, and moved into the famous stone building on the north side of the square in 1937. It operated continuously until 2001. The building was then sold and a furniture business moved into the space. But in 2010 the Gill family repurchased the building and reopened Jackson Drug last year. A century has gone by and the revamped drugstore/diner is still famous for its milkshakes and fries, and also serves homemade ice cream and excellent burgers made from beef from the family’s ranch.

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  • justin Chappell   Dec 17, 2018

    Came here for dinner. Great atmosphere. Staff was friendly and quick to help. Burger was fantastic and honestly much better than the one I had the night before at the Silver Dollar down the street. Had a chocolate shake as well and it was top notch.

  • Evan Lobsinger   Dec 13, 2018

    Charming place with good staff in a great location. We ordered the grilled cheese and beer cheese soup, and the bison burger. The grilled cheese was cold, the pretzel in the beer cheese soup was solid as a rock. The bison burger was dryer than a cowboy's saddle, fries were okay. If prices were halved it would have been digestible. Maybe it was just a bad day in the kitchen. Regardless, I would not recommend.

  • Brian & Nicole Love   Jan 14, 2019

    Let me start off by stating something positive. The server was very nice and did her job. This place is HORRIBLE! Ordered a chili dog and I couldn't bite or cut through it. Then I told the server and she replaced it with a grilled cheese. The pictures explain it all. The prices are crazy for the quality here. Don't even bother.

  • George Santoro   Dec 16, 2018

    The idea and vibe of this place is awesome. However, when it comes to the food it is disappointing. I tried the burger, which was one of the highly recommended options based on reviews; it wasn't bad, but not really worth trying again. The sodas were kind of off-tasting (not sure if they mix their own to order like old drug stores did) and the waffle fries were bland. The milkshakes were good though. I would recommend just getting one of those. Overall, there are much better food options in the town square.

  • Fred Pettis   Feb 12, 2019

    Excellent food at reasonable prices. Portions are good sized as well. Be sure to save enough room for the shake.