Jackson Drug

Jackson Drug, East Deloney Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Jackson Drug is a historic and iconic soda fountain and drug store located on the north side of the Town Square in Jackson. Many long-time Jackson Hole locals have fond memories of rushing there after school to get a root beer float and gossip with friends, or eating a hot pretzel at the counter on a bright winter day. It was started by Bruce Porter in 1919 on the east side of the Square, and moved into the famous stone building on the north side of the square in 1937. It operated continuously until 2001. The building was then sold and a furniture business moved into the space. But in 2010 the Gill family repurchased the building and reopened Jackson Drug last year. A century has gone by and the revamped drugstore/diner is still famous for its milkshakes and fries, and also serves homemade ice cream and excellent burgers made from beef from the family’s ranch.

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  • Anna King   Sep 18, 2021

    Small place so it's busy but it's good food. It's definitely a cute local lunch spot. Loved the Elk burger and it comes with a huckleberry barbeque sauce. Also the HUCKLEBERRY ice cream was so delicious and refreshing!

  • Caitlin T   Feb 14, 2021

    We stopped in for a casual late lunch on the weekend and were pleasant surprised by the menu. We ordered some dishes to share, the elk burger, the cauliflower wings, and the Brussels sprouts. The wings were AWESOME. Great breading and flavor. Same with the Brussels sprouts. The elk burger was a bit disappointing as it did seem pretty overcooked so it ended up being really dry.

  • JustJames   Sep 13, 2021

    Great place to get lunch!! But come with an empty stomach lol. Had the elk burger and a shake and both were delicious. Highly recommend!! The staff is very friendly and courteous, and the place is very clean. Might be a little pricey but that's Jackson.

  • Trulie Cottman   Jul 17, 2021

    Don't come here unless you want to be treated poorly. I'm not usually one to write bad reviews, but Jackson Drug deserves one, unfortunately. We went for ice cream. They didn't ask if we wanted to stay or go, but after paying, we noticed a "to go" charge. The cashier told us to wait outside for the ice cream. Instead of waiting on the sidewalk in the way, we saw they had tables and waited there. They brought us our ice cream. Before we could all finish, however, a worker came over and told us we had to leave because they were "opening outdoor dining again" and "the tables are for paying customers only". Apparently paying for ice cream doesn't count. She was extremely rude about it as well, demanding that we leave immediately. There were no signs indicating that you couldn't sit there to eat. The ice cream was mediocre as well. You'd be better off choosing another locale with better products and better customer service. We wish we would have known before we went. Hopefully this helps someone else.

  • Alexis Nicole   Sep 12, 2021

    Waited around 45 minutes on a Saturday evening to be seated. We ordered the crispy Brussels sprouts, loaded French fries, elk burger and egg salad sandwich. The appetizers were great and came out quickly. The entrees took a bit but the service was super transparent and accommodating. The egg salad sandwich was about what you’re likely expecting and the tots on the side were perfect. The elk burger wasn’t anything special but is a good novelty. Of course we topped off dinner with ice cream. We highly recommend the Coffee.

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