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Jackson Animal Hospital Jackson Wyoming 83002

Our mission at Jackson Animal Hospital is to offer exceptional veterinary services for your pet, which we consider a valued member of your family. It is our promise to treat your pet as if it were our own.

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  • River   Oct 20, 2022

    I cannot recommend this place enough! First off, they were so accommodating when I had to move an appointment around and didn't make us wait at all when we got there. My chihuahua needed a dental procedure and they did such an incredible job with her! Dr. Joe Wienman is the best of the best - he took the time to explain everything to me and kept me posted during the procedure, and he was also so patient and sweet with my dog. She absolutely adored him and let him hold her no problem, even with all the new stuff going on. I am forever grateful to him and the Jackson Animal Hospital! I've never seen an animal hospital that compares to this one.

  • Molly Reilly   May 13, 2022

    Jackson Animal Hospital is the best. Having lived on both coasts and the Midwest with three giant breed dogs, we have had many vets and can say we have found the best veterinary care here with Dr. Joe and the entire team, which show great care and consideration for our puppy and us on every visit. You get everything and more from Jackson Animal Hospital's expert veterinary knowledge, care, and guidance which is critical when making decisions for our furry family that can't tell us what's wrong.

  • Trish M.   Aug 07, 2021

    Traveling from Florida w/ my 2 dogs. My black German Shepard developed gastrointestinal symptoms and needed to be examined and treated right away. The local vet where I was staying in Moran,WY was closed. The nearest veterinarian was 85 miles away in Jackson. After speaking w/ the office staff, they said to bring her in and Dr. Carleton would see her. An hour and 45 minutes later we arrived at Jackson Animal Hospital and Carter, my Shepard was examined and treatment administered. I'm so grateful of Dr. Carleton and her office staff for seeing us. Knowing my dog's condition is being treated and health intact, we can continue on adventure.

  • Sally Luke   May 05, 2022

    Dr Heather Carleton is an amazing surgeon she has world class experience and skills. Her kindness, compassion and true love for our animals is invaluable during both the joyful and heartbreaking times .

  • Judd Grossman   May 02, 2022

    Dr. Carleton is fantastic! She did a very difficult surgery to save my puppy's life. I've been using her services ever since. Now my pup is 10 years old and still thriving. Dr. Carleton is always accessible when I have questions about my dog's health. She even answered a late night emergency call to help me rescue a baby moose that was caught in a cattle guard. She is a terrific vet and terrific person. I trust her completely.

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