J.C. Jewelers

132 N Cache St Box 37, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Suzanna Feuz   Aug 18, 2021

    I never knew what my “dream” engagement ring would look like, but after a meeting with Jeter, he knew better than I did and created a piece I absolutely love! I entrusted him with a family ring, which could be slightly scary in the wrong hands, and instead of completely altering it, he just enhanced it. I love that it still has the vintage feel, but with a modern twist. I couldn’t be happier with the custom work done by Jeter and his team at JC Jewelers!

  • Jenna Gerbino Kaplan   Aug 31, 2022

    JC Jewelers is absolutely amazing. My husband and I have been customers for years, and recently a pair of earrings we bought from there were stolen from my belongings during a trip. When we weren’t able to find the same style to replace them, JC Jewelers went above and beyond to find the jewelry artist at a jewelry show, and personally arranged to have the artist make them again just for me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience, and all my previous experiences with JC. They have a customer in me for life.

  • Jennifer Tucker   Apr 10, 2023

    These are some of the most amazing people to work with. The quality and caring in every piece they do is immeasurable! Thank you for the amazing ring for my sons graduation!

  • Valentina Lind   Feb 03, 2022

    I always have the BEST experience at JC Jewlers! They have the kindest, most welcoming people who work there and the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen. Bri helped me today after I came in w/ rusted silver jewelry from the sulfur hot springs (one of the pieces being my favorite necklace I’ve worn since I was 18) and she fixed it right up to look brand new :’) I bought this beautiful sterling silver, daisy spinner ring that fits so comfortably and is incredible looking. I just love them so much and if you’re in the market for a nice piece, statement or dainty - shop local and go to JC Jewlers!

  • Pamela Chaney   Feb 22, 2023

    My husband went to Jared Jewelers on Saturday to buy me diamond earrings for Valentines Day, when I opened them the posts were bent and filthy dirty, so we returned then late Saturday afternoon. My husband was so upset because it was a Valentine’s Day gift (I was livid, beyond upset, especially when I found out what he paid for a 1 1/2 total carat weight for these disgusting diamond earrings.) So on Monday February 13th I went to J.C. Jewelers on Cypress Garden Blvd. about 11:00am, explained what happened with the Jared diamond earrings. Within minutes the sales associate started pulling Princess Cut diamond rings from the display comparing the diamonds to put in earring settings for me, she must have had 9 rings comparing the color, carat and weight of the stones. She replied none of these stones match perfectly for a set of earrings. I started to worry. Within minutes she contacted her diamond broker in California told them what she wanted in the diamonds. Not kidding 2 minutes later she showed me a video of the 2 diamonds that were perfect. I said YES absolutely gorgeous. She said they will be here later today and they would put them in the earring settings and I could pick them up tomorrow. I was a little nervous and scared that they would not be ready the next day. This morning at 10:38am my phone rang and it was J.C. Jewelers telling me my earrings are in and the broker had already put the diamonds in gold settings for me. My husband and myself arrived at the Jewelers, when I opened the box I could feel my eyes filling with tears, I LOVE THEM, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, and I have a total of 2 carats ( 1 carat each earring) for the same price that Jared charged for 1 1/2 Carats. J.C. Jewelers is the reason I had a GREAT Valentine’s Day. They went above and beyond to make sure I had a beautiful pair of diamond earrings from my husband on Valentine’s Day. To anyone looking for that special gift please go to J.C. Jewelers I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to all of the employees for your hard work and dedication, because of all of you I had an amazing day. You are all truly angels. Thank You. Pamela C.

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