Inversion Yoga

Inversion Yoga, North Millward Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Inversion Yoga is a Jackson Hole yoga studio offering yoga, barre, sculpt, and wellness classes for people of all levels. Inversion opened its doors in 2008 and and now has more than ninety classes a week and over 25 instructors; several of which have won Best of Jackson Hole awards. Rooted in health and wellbeing, Inversion has created a community for yogis to practice in a supportive, mindful and nurturing environment.

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  • Rachel Johnson   Jan 11, 2020

    I absolutely love this studio. The instructors are all so supportive and engaging. They have helped me improve so much in my time here the last few months. Nikki Sue's hot fusion class is my all time favorite for a killer workout. She's such a great motivator!!

  • Maria Rachal   Sep 03, 2019

    Inversion quickly became my favorite place to practice yoga and Kerri's YinYasa is my favorite class of all time. I got hooked with the introductory month deal and have been loving it ever since. The studio is welcoming and calming. The instructors both push you and yet make you feel comfortable with where you are in your practice. I especially love the $10 classes which make doing yoga so much more affordable.

  • Hollee A   Mar 22, 2019

    This town is home to some of the best studios I have had the pleasure of visiting and Inversion is outstanding! To start, to studio is always clean and welcoming. There is a plethora of classes to choose from throughout the day/week. Each teacher is obviously hand picked to create a diverse class environment. The entire teaching staff is well trained and very body wise, which is one of my favorite things about the classes. The teachers lead you through a well balanced practice while instructing safe alignment. And then there is the yoga sutra and psychological perspectives I find interesting. I personally attend classes by several teachers finding each to share a beautiful message that resonates deeply from their own personal introspect. I truly love this place!

  • Andy Bardon   Jan 17, 2017

    What a great yoga studio. Being a novice, I love that there are a number of different styles of yoga to choose from. Some days its nice to have mellow restorative classes, and other days its nice to push myself physically in the more advanced classes. Friendly and professional staff know when to push their students, and when to just guide a mellow practice. I would definitely recommend this studio to visitors and locals alike. Thanks Inversion !

  • Chelsey Feldman   Mar 10, 2023

    I’m sure this place is fine for other yoga classes but they totally missed the mark with their restorative class: 1. It was advertised as room temp. I guess if the room is a sauna? Bc it was in the same room as heated classes it was at least 90 degrees in there. Would have been nice if that was acknowledged in the description 2. It was advertised as having a 15 minute sound bath. Other reviews even corroborated that (we checked it out before signing up!) we got maybe 90 seconds if that of a single Tibetan bowl played during savasana. We paid the steep $30 price because that sound bath was worth it to us. We didn’t get that and felt pretty swindled with the price / value (not to mention they tried to charge $10 to rent our mats) 3. The instructor was horrendous. He didn’t give a single posture cue despite knowing he had someone who had never practiced yoga in class. I had to interrupt my own practice to explain to my confused boyfriend what pigeon meant, among other poses. I was disappointed to have to work by giving cues in a class where I’m a student, and I felt uncomfortable having to talk when it should have been the instructor doing so. If you’re in town skiing and looking for a nice restorative practice, don’t come here. If you’re a seasoned yogi who just needs a hot studio space and no guidance, maybe this place is ok for you.

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