Inversion Yoga

Inversion Yoga, North Millward Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Inversion Yoga is a Jackson Hole yoga studio offering yoga, barre, sculpt, and wellness classes for people of all levels. Inversion opened its doors in 2008 and and now has more than ninety classes a week and over 25 instructors; several of which have won Best of Jackson Hole awards. Rooted in health and wellbeing, Inversion has created a community for yogis to practice in a supportive, mindful and nurturing environment.

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  • Audrey MacLeod   Aug 09, 2023

    Stopped by their Sunday soulful class on my trip in Jackson and it was a great class! Challenging but also fun. They also have incredible customer service. Would recommend!

  • maitai chillz   Feb 28, 2024

    I forgot my mat after class and someone took it! It's a bummer that people still behave like this but this is not meant to burden Inversion. I'm just disappointed about my missing item, the hot Yoga class is amazing

  • L Capps   Oct 27, 2023

    Wonderful instructors, great community of yoga students and wide variety of yoga and pilates classes. Everyone at the studio is encouraging, positive and friendly. I've been to over a dozen hot yoga studios across the US and the Inversion community is top notch. If you really want to advance your hot yoga practice take a class with Serese, Kira, Garrett or Betsy.

  • Carmen Cuiñas Hernández   Oct 17, 2023

    Stopped by this place as I was staying at a place nearby for the weekend and decided to go the next day. They had drop ins available, although expensive, class was great. We took one of the Hot yoga classes in the morning and it felt great. The lady at the front desk was new and she didn’t know how to explain the difference between the classes really well, nor details on how to lock your belongings. They charged us 5 dollars per mat, which I think it’s too high considering the price of the class. They should def have first timers options available. The cafe inside is cute but I ordered a cortado and they didn’t know how to make it.

  • Larkin Wise   Mar 06, 2024's Jackson. Should have figured. Not a good layout for space and flow,but decent studio rooms with a bougie cafe attached to it. I showed up 20 minutes before class thinking I was going to be late but was the first one to the class I was taking. In my practice I like to get to studios before class especially when I am dropping into a new studio to get a feel, learn the layout and vibe and do my usual warm up routine. I showed up and no one was at the desk..all good I brought all my stuff but was a little confused on where to go. One of the rooms was open and an instructor was cleaning. I asked if this was where the class was and she said it was. I understand it is a busy studio and having classes back to back is hard and turnaround has to be quick. I have been to many studios. I waited and there was only 12 minutes to class as she finished up cleaning. I asked if I could go in..this is where it felt more off than not. She gave me attitude like I shouldn't be there yet...made me feel weird as I'm waiting in a busy narrow hall with yoga shorts on. I went in and asked a couple questions about where to go and such and again more or less just gave me attitude...I know we all have days but overall the studio didn't feel good or welcoming. (This also was not the instructor for the class I was taking. That instructor had not shown up yet) Felt very rushed for yoga. In the beginning and end. Felt like I shouldn't be there until class exactly started and felt like I should leave right after. Not how I want my yoga practice to feel. Overall the class itself was decent but nothing to write home about. Class was expensive for what it was and how I was treated. Nice changing rooms and showers but will look for something else next time I come to Jackson.

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