Il Villaggio Osteria

Il Villaggio Osteria Wilson Wyoming 83014

Il Villagio Osteria is a vibrant, authentic Italian restaurant located at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort underneath Hotel Terra. Osteria serves Italian classics focusing on rustic flavors, including homemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, salumi, seasonal salads, and wines. Come in for a quiet and relaxed lunch away from the crowds, or enjoy the bustling dining room for dinner. We highly recommend starting with an order of the Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts, followed by the Fusilli pasta for filling entree. Open year round for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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  • Nipa Shah   Aug 25, 2023

    Bread at table: excellent and refilled without being asked. No cost Some cucumber salad - one size and small. $17 Pizza - one size and small and extremely soggy crust. $13 each Sent both back and asked them to make the pizza well-done (crispy) ....and got back a slightly burnt version, lol. I think they broiled it so the top got crispy (and slightly burnt), but the base remained runny. 🤦🤦. The beer, Peroni, was served in a tall chilled glass, and the wine (bottle) we selected was pretty good - a pinot noir. Excellent service, though, and good ambiance. We went specifically for the pizza as the photos on google looked so good. Our choices were limited as vegetarians who don't eat even poultry or seafood. We had asked for green pepper, onion, mushroom, and jalapeno as toppings. They didn't have any peppers at all. We saw no mushrooms on the pizza either. [I'm amazed at a restaurant kitchen that uses no green (forget red, yellow, orange) peppers.] We didn't stay for dessert. The place was packed, though. Either they have other good food or because the choices in Teton Village are limited, and people didn't want to drive the ~20 mins to Jackson for dinner. P.S. A good pizza is not at all difficult to make. It literally takes 5 minutes to make the dough that turns out amazing crispy and flaky pizza crusts. I know because I make them often.

  • Glen Boodram   Mar 14, 2022

    Great location in the Village. Very nice setting and the wait staff is very attentive. Most of our food was great, definitely ask for recommendations. The pizza is thin crust and if you like this style I think you will be happy. Overall great selection of food and beverage.

  • Sandra   Sep 24, 2023

    It's incredibly disappointing that in 2023, a high-priced fine dining Italian restaurant offered such underwhelming vegan options. Both dishes, priced at a staggering $32 each, consisted of minimal ingredients – gluten-free pasta, a touch of oil, and perhaps some mushrooms in one. Given the premium price tag, one would expect an excellent culinary experience. Instead, these dishes were remarkably bland and uninspiring. In a world where vegan cuisine has exploded, such offerings do not align with the standards of quality and flavor that diners rightfully expect. It's essential for fine dining establishments to rise to the occasion and provide if not truly remarkable vegan choices at least delicious ones that justify their cost. To top that off, everyone around us immediately got bread and olive oil, and we waited for 15 minutes, then had to ask. Then were met with a surprised 'oh, you want bread? Aren't you gluten free?' Additionally, everyone seemed stressed, from the two people behind the bar who were super short, to some of the wait staff. The host was super sweet and really nice, though.

  • Eleonora Lala Belle   Jan 03, 2024

    Stopped here for lunch. Did not disappoint. Sat at the bar and had great service. Ceasar was 4/5. The pasta was a solid 8/5 and pizza was great too.

  • Charles-Laurent Lelievre   Feb 04, 2024

    Reserve wisely! Opt for the restaurant area, not the bustling bar space where multitasking staff can affect your dining experience. While the food portions are acceptable, be prepared for a potential wait, and the timing of service might be a bit off. The atmosphere is noisy, reminiscent of a cafeteria with bare tables, and at times, service may feel a bit lacking.

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