Hotel Jackson

Hotel Jackson, Jackson, WY, USA

Renowned for its modern take on authentic western design, Hotel Jackson is a luxury boutique hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Jackson Hole.

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  • Mara OMara   Sep 02, 2023

    We had an absolutely divine stay at the HJ. This hotel is not only beautiful but truly luxurious. The ambient auto lighting in the bathroom, the bvlgari bath products, the soaking tub with provided sugar cube and foaming bath soak….I could go on and on. The beds are super cozy and the room temp was easily controlled to perfection. My toddler usually wakes at 630am every day and here she slept til 730/8am requiring a wake up. They are expanding so there is some construction but we honestly heard nothing. The room service breakfast was great and surprisingly fast unlike other luxury hotels where I usually anticipate food to arrive 45-60 mins after ordering. The lobby restaurant, Figs, is insane. We ate there the first night and had it as room service the second night. The Lebanese cinsault red wine joined us both times. Everyone we encountered was warm welcoming and friendly. We used HJ as a home base to explore Jackson, Teton village, and the lower Tetons. We can’t wait to return!

  • Kennedi Skyles   Aug 27, 2023

    The hotel itself was very nice. The valet team was wonderful. However, we were not informed of the construction that would be going on right next to our room. It was very loud and on Friday morning they started at 7:30am which woke our baby. Along with this when I spoke to the front desk and informed them of this issue they told me they were aware of the noise and that they were drilling through cement so it was going to be very loud and they would look into what they could do for us. Unfortunately we never heard from them again and nothing was done. Very unfortunate at this caliber of a place.

  • Gabrielle Gionet   Jun 23, 2023

    It was a cool summers day. The bison had just retired to their favorite river relaxation spot. But me? I was but a lost cowboy. I had no water at all. Suddenly I was overtaken by a warm glow of comfort from my abyss of thirst. A water unlike any other. A mint floral implosion of flavor. Simply exquisite. The water at Hotel Jackson is a must-visit landmark of Jackson, WY.

  • Amy Karp   Aug 19, 2023

    You would be better off staying at the more budget friendly options in town or just throwing your money straight down the toilet. My family spent over 10k on 2 rooms for 5 nights, and we’re guaranteed adjoining rooms. When we got there they assured us again we’d have adjoining rooms. Then by the time the second half of our group got there, they said they never guarantee adjoining rooms. Should’ve known then that the experience would be bad. I had high hopes because advancing activity plans with the concierge had actually been pretty simple. I think she’s the only one at the hotel who has actual hospitality experience. The rest of the staff ranged between simply unhelpful and blatantly rude. It seems like they all just want an excuse to live in Jackson, and have no interest in providing a pleasant experience to their customers. Which is fine unless you call yourself a luxury hotel. We couldn’t even control the thermostat in one of our rooms, and after begging for days for them to fix it since it was around 80 degrees in the room, we finally gave up. The key cards worked about 50 percent of the time. On our last night at the hotel we tried to sit at one of the 12 open tables to get a quick drink and a couple snacks and they told us they could not seat us because at 6:30 (45 minutes later than we were asking for a table) the restaurant would be completely full. I walked by again at 6:30 and 7 to a half empty restaurant. Often times, it seemed like they went out of their way to be unaccommodating to us. Budget hotel vibes and luxury hotel prices. DO NOT STAY HERE.

  • Joshua Boyce   Sep 22, 2023

    TLDR: this property charges $700-$1000 a night. It's worth $200 a night. 1) there is a multi-year commercial building being constructed right next door. Loud pounding will kill the vibe as you try to nap or otherwise enjoy yourself. 2) rooms at the hotel are very forgettable and average, certainly not "Luxury" 4) valet kept bringing us the wrong car. Aka, they lost our car. That made us late. It happened twice. 5) valet crashed our car into the hotel's parking garage causing thousands of dollars on damage, then tried to conceal the matter. It's still not resolved. Management lacks any and all integrity. I'll likely have to take legal action against the owners. 6) the restaurant serves very mediocre food at high prices. Food that uses jarred garlic and looks like it was a frozen tv dinner once. 7) our hotel room door was found unsecured. Twice. Likely from staff conducting turn down. But very a jarring to come back seeing your room just wide open. This is the absolutely worst property in Jackson. DO NOT STAY HERE.

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