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  • Adam Webb   Jul 31, 2019

    Super friendly and knowledgeable customer service. I had a brake issue on a bike that I didn’t even buy there and Andrew helped me right away and fixed it in minutes. They didn’t have the “I’m better than you” attitude that some bike shops have towards non-bikers. Definitely will give these guys all my Jackson business!!

  • Isaac Lawyer   Jun 19, 2019

    Friendly staff, Amazing customer service, have very nice bikes and just an all around great place to shop/rent bikes. I came from Indiana to Wyoming, looking to ride some good trails but had no clue where to go, they gave me a map, showed me the best places to ride, and showed me where not to go for my one safety. Overall experience 10/10

  • Tom Merkt   Aug 28, 2020

    When you need a real bike smith... A bit rough around the edges at times, but worth it, truly the best shop in town. These guys live and love bikes.

  • Peter Long   Apr 07, 2021

    Look no further for all your bike needs. These guys rock. Great service. Completely knowledgeable. Best prices in town. Whether you are a veteran rider or a rookie like myself, Hoff's will set you up with the right gear and equipment at prices that beat even national retailers. The staff is amazing. They know bikes backwards and front – mountain bikes, road bike, heck, probably even unicycles – with none of the pretense or attitude you get from some shops. Stop in and check it out for yourself. Hoff's rocks.

  • Bill B   Jul 09, 2021

    Great bike shop in Jackson! Customer focused, accessible and responsive, Tim and his team are doing it right. Bought a bike, saddle and pedals, and will service soon too. Whether you're from out of town or local, this is a good small business to support. -Bill from Pittsburgh

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