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  • Sarah Koznek   May 17, 2022

    Hoff’s continues to be the best bike shop on Earth. Thank you for always helping me! All of the staff is so kind and helpful, especially Bryce!

  • Adam Webb   Jul 31, 2019

    Super friendly and knowledgeable customer service. I had a brake issue on a bike that I didn’t even buy there and Andrew helped me right away and fixed it in minutes. They didn’t have the “I’m better than you” attitude that some bike shops have towards non-bikers. Definitely will give these guys all my Jackson business!!

  • Trevor Ruffner   Apr 19, 2019

    Hoff’s is the best bike shop in Jackson Hole. Tim and Bryce are super knowledgeable. They carry the best brands and make custom carbon wheels. If you are buying a new bike, do yourself a favor, tell Hoff to lace you up a set of custom carbon wheels. They’re worth every penny. Trust me, I own them. Road, mountain, service, Hoff’s has you covered.

  • John Tanis   Aug 04, 2021

    After admittedly butchering threads on my crank arms putting pedals on at the airport to ride into Jackson, I was charged 60$ for the crank arms to be re-threaded. It takes about 5 minutes to fix the threads I messed up. Maybe that’s just Jackson, but nearly 70$ for labor to fix threads is unheard of. Might be 20-35$ Tops in any other bike shop. I get taking advantage of tourists but i’m 26 and had a jenky bike set up. Felt awful leaving but didn’t say anything because was with a friend. Jenky bike pic below. -John Tanis

  • Rose in Jackson Hole   Jul 03, 2022

    Our town is in busy mode come summertime, & so is this shop that;'s located in town. It's there for all your bike needs, including fixes. The owner fixed my mountain bike brake in a few days... & even gave me a rental in the meantime so I could ride with the gals of She Jumps over in Idaho. Great time, great bike, great service from the people at Hoff's (& I'm glad I have my own bike back, better than ever)!

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