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  • Benjamin Miller   Dec 08, 2021

    I bought a bike online from this store and the customer service was incredible. They do not usually do e-commerce but I was having trouble finding the specific bike I wanted and Hoff's was excellent to work with to get the bike purchased and shipped. It was packed superbly in the box and the bike came as expected. 6/5 rating.

  • Estephen Cabezas   Oct 29, 2021

    Very helpful as well as the pup's too. Great place great price and they do try to fix and repair not just charge you money. I highly recommend, took 3 bikes for a check up and walked out $60 or so less and that's 3 whole bikes they looked at for me. Will be greatly appreciate by Stage Coach Staff so again you guy's Thank You!

  • Adam Webb   Jul 31, 2019

    Super friendly and knowledgeable customer service. I had a brake issue on a bike that I didn’t even buy there and Andrew helped me right away and fixed it in minutes. They didn’t have the “I’m better than you” attitude that some bike shops have towards non-bikers. Definitely will give these guys all my Jackson business!!

  • John Tanis   Aug 04, 2021

    After admittedly butchering threads on my crank arms putting pedals on at the airport to ride into Jackson, I was charged 60$ for the crank arms to be re-threaded. It takes about 5 minutes to fix the threads I messed up. Maybe that’s just Jackson, but nearly 70$ for labor to fix threads is unheard of. Might be 20-35$ Tops in any other bike shop. I get taking advantage of tourists but i’m 26 and had a jenky bike set up. Felt awful leaving but didn’t say anything because was with a friend. Jenky bike pic below. -John Tanis

  • Jackson Hole Rose   Jul 03, 2022

    Our town is in busy mode come summertime, & so is this shop that;'s located in town. It's there for all your bike needs, including fixes. The owner fixed my mountain bike brake in a few days... & even gave me a rental in the meantime so I could ride with the gals of She Jumps over in Idaho. Great time, great bike, great service from the people at Hoff's (& I'm glad I have my own bike back, better than ever)!

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