High Country Linen

355 N Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Beginning with a historic start on the banks of Cache Creek and Flat Creek in Jackson, Wyoming in 1931, High Country Linen Service has become an essential resource to Teton County.

  • Jeremy Cohen   Jan 02, 2018

    Working at a restaurant in Victor, ID. We have had dirty floor mats for over a week, have 0 clean linens or chef coats, 0 clean bar mops, and 3 full bags of dirty linens. Of course there’s no other linen service here, so we just have to deal I guess

  • Charles T. Arnold III   Mar 17, 2022

    Over the top service! Maui came in and noticed there was a water spill by our cooler and before any of our employees could grab a mop he was down on floor cleaning it up!

  • alien dude   Aug 15, 2023

    Poor management and poor communication. That's why turnover is so high.

  • Kate Martin   Aug 07, 2023

    All sorts of cleaning products at reduced prices, in bulk

  • Ernie Bauer   Jun 13, 2023

    Bar mops must often in stock. They have great cleaning products

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