High Country Linen Supply

355 N Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Kate Martin   Aug 07, 2023

    All sorts of cleaning products at reduced prices, in bulk

  • Jeremy Cohen   Jan 02, 2018

    Working at a restaurant in Victor, ID. We have had dirty floor mats for over a week, have 0 clean linens or chef coats, 0 clean bar mops, and 3 full bags of dirty linens. Of course there’s no other linen service here, so we just have to deal I guess

  • Charles T. Arnold III   Mar 17, 2022

    Over the top service! Maui came in and noticed there was a water spill by our cooler and before any of our employees could grab a mop he was down on floor cleaning it up!

  • Ernie Bauer   Jun 13, 2023

    Bar mops must often in stock. They have great cleaning products

  • Taylor Keeley   Sep 27, 2023

    I work at Rocky Mountain Yeti as a detailer and these guys are supposed to take my dirty cleaning rags and bring me back clean ones. Since starting here back in August, I have NEVER seen them come into my detailing bay to remove my dirty rags and replace them with clean ones. Every time I’ve talked to their driver, it’s the same excuse, “Oh, detail wasn’t on the pickup list.” I’d give these guys zero stars if I could. Whatever you do, DO NOT give them your patronage. Save your business’s money and do the laundry yourself at a laundromat.

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