Heise Hot Springs

Heise Hot Springs, Idaho 83443, USA

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  • John Gran   Jan 02, 2024

    Basically very crowded, warm pools of human soup. Don't waste your time.

  • Ashley Gonzalez   Oct 01, 2023

    Nice hot springs, friendly staff. We went in a week day that was very slow so plenty of room for us to use the pools.

  • Andie B.   Jul 12, 2023

    I've been going here since I was little, I have always loved Heise! They've made some amazing modifications to the place and it looks and feels so much cleaner. I've had no issues with any employees, they've all been really nice. They also give you fair warning about all of their rules including storms and their policies about lightning and no refunds (you are allowed to come back after the storm has passed.) Once you pay you are allowed to come and go as you please, which I think is an amazing policy that no other local swimming pool has (that I'm aware of.) I am also a fan of the drive out to Heise, it is in a gorgeous location and there are some stunning sights.

  • Brittanny Johnson   Sep 30, 2023

    The food here is out of this world.🤤 You can tell the dough is made in house! It has a delicious fire, brick oven taste. Such a good vibe, and so incredibly beautiful.🤩 The staff is extremely kind and friendly! 🤍 We also went swimming here and it’s so clean and so much fun! Overall loved everything🥰

  • Jill Parker   Sep 22, 2021

    Beautiful amenities, soothing mineral hot springs...everyone there was incredibly friendly and the sweet cabin on the hillside I stayed in was very comfortable and spotlessly clean. Can't wait to go back!!

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