Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

1539 Rd 19, Powell, WY 82435, USA

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  • Jeff Harrits   Oct 23, 2019

    This interpretive center provides basic and personal information about the camp and why Japanese Americans were sent here. It describes the conditions they lived under and offers a view of how the lives of those who lived here were impacted. The displays are well done. Give yourself plenty of time to absorb all the information.

  • Peggy Sue Jones   Jul 22, 2019

    Today, the Twins, decided it was high time to find out what Heart Mountain Interpretive center was all about. As we parked and entered the Center, we were greeted by a guide who gave us information regarding the Center and what we would be seeing. We watched an old movie that gave insight on what had taken place all those many years ago. As i left the theater, my heart felt heavy that a President, who should have been protecting these 'Americans' rights, chose instead to do just the opposite and destroyed many lives in the process. Much information is contained in the Center and, at a cost of just $7 (senior), you can learn a great deal through murals, short movies, as well as talking to the staff. The most interesting part of the day was standing between a couple of worn down barracks, and walking the worn trails so as to get pictures of the hospital, a guard tower and get a feel of a part of history that I pray never happens again! **Highly Recommend

  • Joseph Ridolfo   Sep 16, 2023

    Internment camp for Japanese Americans during WW 2. I learned a lot of history about these camps. There was a place near Crossville, TN called J _p Camp that had the same guard post and layout. I was under the impression that Japanese prisoners of war were there. I learned that there weren't prisoners of war, but American citizens. There was a possibility the camp was from Fort Forrest, TN.

  • Tracey Rosenlund   Jan 27, 2024

    Gem of a museum commemorating an oft-forgotten piece of history: the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. The site is more than just the museum. Be sure to visit the guard tower, honor roll, restored barrack and root cellar. You can view the restored chimney to the hospital, too, but inside is not accessible. They are adding two wings to the current building: the LaDonna Zall research center and the Mineta-Simpson Institute at Heart Mountain. Pictured is a view of Heart Mountain from inside the lobby.

  • James Grissom   May 31, 2024

    If you want to see what the government did to the Japanese Americans at the beginning of WW2 this is a must. At the start of the war they were made to go to these intermittent camps. They could only bring what they could carry. Had to leave their homes and businesses. Held behind bobwire and armed guards until 1945 at the end of the war then we're given $25.00 and a ticket to return home. They lost their businesses and all that was in their homes was stolen. Now, these camps were not like the camps the Jewish people had. The Japanese Americans were not treated like in the death camps. Go see it .

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