Healthy Being Cafe & Juicery

Healthy Being Café & Juicery, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Healthy Being Cafe + Juicery is an organic, vegetarian cafe and cold-pressed juicery located in the heart of Jackson Hole. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and crafted with love. Healthy Being is committed to sustainability, quality, taste and to creating a mindful community-oriented space for the people of Jackson to gather.

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  • Nicole G   Jan 07, 2022

    Love coming here! It is very cute inside and they have wonderful yummy food! I especially love the vegan options!!!

  • Kelsey Burcher   Dec 18, 2021

    There weren’t many juice options left when I got there, but I really wanted carrot, so I got the Visionary. $14.00 is A LOT for a juice (I’m from Denver, so it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with expensive) but I am an avid juicer and was missing my daily fresh pressed juice, so I went for it. Yikes. It’s just not good juice. I think someone either put grapefruit juice in here or the mint was bad, because the bitterness is off the charts - almost inedible. What a bummer. 2 stars because the people were nice and they had nonalcoholic beer to-go.

  • Bert Minten   Aug 20, 2021

    Loved finding this place right downtown Jackson. Our food was very good and came out quickly. Being able to sit outside was also a nice treet.

  • Amber Corley   Sep 08, 2021

    Got the Baja Bowl - so good! Incredibly fresh! Ate there around closing on Sept. 3rd and the staff went out of their way to ensure a great experience - especially the lady at the register. The meal was refreshing, filling, and the flavors were amazing! Would definitely recommend making a stop here for a great meal. It also doesn't hurt when the weather is perfect outside, and you can sit under the gorgeous trees right outside the cafe. Highly recommend!

  • Sankha S Hota   Oct 23, 2021

    If you are health conscious, like to eat fresh ingredients, prefer food that are simple in taste yet satisfying, this place is the go to choice. Quick order, fast service, ample seat outside table and chairs; we did not find anything wrong. Right on the roadside, easy to locate. The ingredients were fresh, wish the coffee was little better. Overall, for healthy eating, this is an excellent option.

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